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One Step Up par Francis Cayouette

Pour l'éditeur Normann Copenhagen, le designer Francis Cayouette a conçu cette étagère inspirée de la forme d'une échelle. Elle se compose d'une structure en frêne et de plateaux métalliques.

Sur son étagère "One Step Up", Francis Cayouette précise:

”I am very absorbed with multi-functionality, meaning products that can be used in various different ways. I wanted to design a flexible bookcase without an inconvenient disassembling process which easily could be moved around creating new spaces in the domestic home or the office. The classical ladder is easy to move around in the room where you need it. The idea of taking the form of the ladder seemed logical. The final result is a bookcase that looks like a ladder with exposed fittings and a wooden frame but with the quality and finish characterized by superb furniture”.

Dimensions (h x l x p): 209 x 78 x 45 cm

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Francis Cayouette et celui de Normann Copenhagen.

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Source: Dagensdesign