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Interior design of a gourmet restaurant in Paris

In 3 street of Prague in the twelfth arrondissement of Paris, NeM Architects, the agency Niney and Lucie Thibault Marca, has just completed the interior design Table, the gourmet restaurant and writer Bruno Verjus. Echoing the name of the facility, the centerpiece of the place is a monumental and winding table that partitions and sculpts space.

The idea of ​​the leader is to provide a kitchen whose simplicity sublimate product quality, and convey the concept of sharing. The two architects have sought to extend the philosophy of Bruno Verjus into the walls and decor. The table tells the whole configuration is segmented and the common area, creating islands open to a large open kitchen. The choice of materials has him focused on two classics from the world of traditional restaurants, tin and slate.

Place 3 Street Prague - 75012 Paris - FRANCE
Year 2013
Area 100m²
Budget Confidential
Project management Bruno Verjus
Companies General contractor: CDV Habitat Renovation

Carpentry: Art of Wood

Foundry tin: Art of Melting, Metal Art West

Locksmith: Workshop VDNB

Tapestry: BM Production Workshop

Cuisiniste: Cahore
Products Tin - Slate - Brick

About : N and M / Niney and Marca Architects

N and M Architects is an established architectural firm in 2008 by Thibault Marca and Lucie Niney, DPLG architects, graduates of the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette.

The architecture of N and M is apprehended as seeking a formal minimalism freed of any technical bidding and making a low-tech economy. Centered on the habitability of living spaces, gait NeM is a poetic and domestic architecture seeking to flush out the spirit in each place. The agency is as much private and public order, the first authorizing the necessary experimentation with the requirement of the second.

Lucie Thibault Marca Niney and associated
1 Boulevard Belville, 75011
Such. : 09 53 98 40 36

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