Paris Design Week

22.09.14  Paris Design Week: Exposure of the video Joseph gallery

Located in the heart of the Marais in Paris on 4 spaces of the gallery Joseph attended the Paris Design Week this year. Writing you to discover in video pieces presented in the space of the rue de Turenne.

22.09.14  video interview with the designer Diane Fouchère at the Paris Design Week

At the Paris Design Week, specifically Now! The Off, writing Muuuz magazine met the designer Diane Fouchère who presented his creations and his publishing house Mermaid and Sardine. An interview to discover in video.

18.09.14  video interview with the designer Barbara Asei-Dantoni at the Paris Design Week

Under exposure Now! Off of the Paris Design Week, writing Muuuz magazine met the designer Barbara Asei-Dantoni which featured an amazing hanging chair: Blob. Blob is a nomadic sitting suspend designed recyclable textile.

17.09.14  Pauline Coudert: Klapp and Tab

The designer Pauline Coudert exhibited his creations Now! The Off at the Paris Design Week. The designer unveiled two minimalist pieces are "Klapp", a side table and "Tab", a small chandelier.

16.09.14  Toby Sanders: Beach Ball Lights

During the Paris Design Week, the gallery of Joseph rue de Turenne had a wide and varied selection of pieces from the luminaire to the bath. Among them, a part particularly caught our attention. The "Beach Ball Lights" Toby Sanders designer cleverly divert an object known to all, the beach ball.

12.09.14  Tamim Daoudi: Tube luminaire Collection and Fragment

On the occasion of the Paris Design Week, the designer Tamim Daoudi presented his latest creations. Besides the mirror "Perseus" Our readers have already been discover hereThe designer exhibited new creations such as the bench and chair series "Tube" and light to install "Fragment".

12.09.14  Amaury Poudray: Gears

Discovery in the aisles of now! off to the City of Fashion and Design, the series of tables "Gears" is the result of the meeting between the industrial Remy Barrere Gears and designer Amaury Poudray. This new collection of furniture, combines the expertise of the specialized industry in the manufacture of gear and the vision of the designer.

09.09.14  Clement Brazille: earth Family

Presented at the Paris Design Week on now! off the "Family Land" is the latest creation by designer Clement Brazille. A collection of unique ceramic pieces used for storage. Original and functional, these pieces resemble real sculptures on foot.

08.09.14  François Azambourg: Self-Publishing Exhibition

After crossing a New York spring 2014, the designer François Azambourg presents its "Auto-Edition" exhibition as part of the Paris Design Week. Of the 06 20 September at Espace Modem, this event is an opportunity to (re) discover their own collection of objects and furniture, the result of over 20 years of research and experimentation.