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Maison & Objet

19.01.17  Maison & Objet Paris 2017: SILENCE

In a saturated sound and image company, silence becomes a luxury. Yet the calm is required to meet, focus among the incessant din. This need end up in the design by the desire to return to basics, looking for simplicity and March, repairing with the measurement of time.

19.01.17  Pierre Charpin: Designer of the Year M & O Paris 2017

Early this year 2017, Maison & Objet presents Pierre Charpin as the creator of the year as a designer product. The creator has given carte blanche to invest a space dedicated to the heart of the show at Villepinte.

19.01.17  Maison & Objet Paris 2017: Rising Talent Award UK

To celebrate the Rising Talent Award UK, Maison & Objet propels this year, six emerging designers on the front of the global design scene. For this edition six of the largest middle names were each invited to select and present a new face of British design. The six selected designers will exhibit their work and share their world with professionals who visit the show from January 20 24 2017 to Paris.

05.09.16  Paris Design Week : Edition 2016

Of the 3 10 September 2016, the Paris Design Week turns the capital into a huge track game. For its sixth edition in off the Maison & Objet, the Paris Design Week invites professionals and the general public to discover places and 200 7 walks good design addresses in Paris and the forefront of the discipline.

01.09.16  Maison & Objet Paris September 2016: Talents à la Carte

With each edition, the Maison & Objet fair offers a space for expression signatures in six design of the rising, in order to enable them to present their work to professionals worldwide. In the session of the 2 6 September 2016, a French selection of six young designers will have the chance to share their world in a dedicated area within the Hall 7.

29.08.16  Maison & Objet September 2016: HOUSE OF GAME

Maison & Objet will be held from the 2 6 September Villepinte exhibition center. This edition will be placed under the playful theme of the game: a rich world that inspires many aesthetic.

29.08.16  Ilse Crawford: Designer of the Year M & O Paris September 2016

In September 2016, MAISON & OBJET PARIS celebrates one of the most interior designers to Britain. The lounge elects Ilse Crawford Designer of the Year. It will be the first to achieve this title scenography Designers' Studio in the Hall 8.

10.12.15  Maison & Objet Paris January 2016: WILD

In a world where abound domestication, urbanization and technology, nature seeks to reassert itself by venturing off the beaten track. It is by this fact that members of the Observatoire de Maison & Objet have chosen for the next edition, taking place in Paris from January 22 26 2016 to the WILD theme.

03.12.15  Maison & Objet Paris January 2016: Talents à la Carte

With each edition, the Maison & Objet living room highlights the work of some signatures design rising. For the next edition, which will take place in Paris from January 22 26 2016 in the six Talents to the selected card are Scandinavian.