Gardens, Garden

03.05.16  Gardens Garden: Urban Landscapes at the heart of future solutions

Gardens in one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris: the Tuileries. The new edition of Gardens Garden, literally gardens within a garden, will be held from Thursday to Sunday 2 5 June June 2016. The theme this year will cultivate the art of nature in the city to offer new perspectives and reveal green solutions for urban landscapes of tomorrow.

30.04.15  Gardens Garden: The Happy city

Gardens within a garden, the Tuileries. The 12e edition Gardens, the Tuileries Garden will be held from the 4 7 2015 June in Paris. An edition whose theme will be "Happy City". A topic which campaigns to reintroduce nature in the heart of the city. The future of sustainable city turned resolutely towards a city more "green".

05.06.14  Jardins, Jardin Tuileries: Edition 2014

The 11ème edition of the Salon Gardens, the Tuileries Garden will be held from the 5 9 2014 June in Paris. One editions with the theme The Living City: Build the biodiverse (cities) and will be accompanied by many events.

30.05.13  Jardins, Jardin: Edition 2013

This year, the event "Gardens Garden" celebrates its tenth anniversary and celebrate the 400 years of André Le Nôtre. Spread over 4 days (day reserved for professionals 1 and 3 public days) this event will take place in the garden of the Tuileries.

06.06.12  Jardins, Jardin: Ardent

Young French designer and former collaborator Yann Kersalé and Nendo, Ines Bihan wins the "Light" Award - the Philips Innovation Competition of "Gardens Garden" with its light "Ardent".

04.06.12  Gardens Garden: The Guano de Paris

With his project "The Guano de Paris", the designer Jean-Sébastien Poncet has offered to collect the droppings of pigeons of our cities to turn it into compost used by the green areas of the city and individuals.

01.06.12  Gardens, Garden: Urban Greenhouses

Students in design at the ESAD of Reims, Luke Beaussart, Audrey Charré and Clementine Schmidt received the Special Mention of the Innovation Competition "Gardens Garden" for their project "Urban Serres".

31.05.12  Gardens, Gardens: Standard number 4 - vegetated

In the aisles of "Garden Garden" at the Tuileries stands the library "Standard number 4 - vegetated". By designer Marc Ferrand in partnership with Matthew Jacobs, a designer and plant designer in Gally Study Office, this monumental outdoor furniture and revegetated based on a constructive principle consists of two standard elements poplar plywood.

29.05.12  Jardins Jardin: Edition 2012

This year, as last year 8, the event "Garden Garden" will settle for 4 days (day reserved for professionals 1 and 3 public days) in the Tuileries Garden. This national event, reference the latest trends in urban garden and exterior design, will focus this year on the theme of "micro gardens - new landscapes."