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Un plan Shanghaï and 3D

Available online, the new plan of the city of Shanghai borrows its graphic codes the world of video games. The buildings there stand three dimensions, details abound. An interactive map that gives Chinese metropolis looks like a Sim City.

In recent years, the world of geeks (Editor's note: computer enthusiasts and new technologies), the pixel art has the wind in its sails. This form of graphic design is to create digital images, often extremely detailed, pixel by pixel. On the Web, pixel art Thus the subject of numerous collaborative projects to create huge cities in isometric view, borrowing their graphic codes to vintage video games like Lego constructions to type the color pixels replacing the plastic bricks.

Créée par Ryan Allen, Goon CityThe largest of these imaginary cities, full of details and even aspires to be the greatest workpixel artthe world.

Available online, the new plan of the city of Shanghai inspired by the pixel art but also the world of Sim CityFamous video game that places the player in the head of an imaginary city in constant evolution. Map of Shanghai offers indeed, asSim City, An isometric view giving the illusion of 3D and to apprehend the volume of real buildings.

Buildings, roads, green spaces in the city seem straight out of a video game. The user can thus move in a finely detailed universe and zoomable to the environment. At the discretion his mouse movements, it may also receuillir a host of information through the pop-up windows and other contextual information.

Discover the 3D city map of Shanghai onSh.edushi.

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