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Carreaux Vitra par Dima Loginoff

Russian designer Dima sign five new collections of ceramic tiles and sandstone organic and graphics for the manufacturer Vitra designs. Presented there in a few days Moscow, the lines Blossom, African Dots, Lace Story, Dolls and Fancy Lines will be available sale in May 2011.

Dolls - Ceramic with gold decor

"When you think of Russia, one of the first image that come to mind is the Matryoshka dolls. In the conceptualizing process of this series, Loginoff departed from Matryoshka doll he painted in gold at hi house in Moscow. But here, everything is real: real gold used for printing! It's possible to create unexpected effects and surprising surfaces with the Matryoshka images of different shapes, combinations and forms."

African Dots - Ceramic Tiles

"African and Australian Aborigine's drawings are the inspiration of this series. Paintings and dots seen in areas of daily life, such as textile and household utensils, and also used for ritual purposes create motion on the walls. Naive and exotic patterns are carried into interior space with the series and enrich the modern spaces."

Lace Story - Ceramic Tiles

"Dima Loginoff is taking out the lace we have been keeping for decades and he's reflecting it on the walls for an ambiance both romantic and nostalgic. " You will think that lace is real each time you look at this collection. And when you lay your fingers on the lace texture, this feeling will get even stronger." he says. In order to render the visual effect more sophisticated, the lace patterns are used on tiles with wood appearance."

Blossom - sandstone tiles

"Walls are blossoming! Big flower patterns with white contours and in organic forms, which reflects Loginoff's style; and white, beige and anthracite tiles embellish spaces. Combination of the tiles with floral patterns on a silky base with the plain tiles of this series creates a modern design giving a contemporary an "randomly design" effect on the wall."

Fancy Lines - Ceramic Tiles

"Ceramic textures with surreal lines create unique and strictly special surfaces. While the lines of  Fancy Lines trail straightly the walls, extraordinary twists form a colorful and lively texture."

For more information, visit the Dima Loginoff.

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