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Meeting with

24.05.16  Xavier Laureau: Founder Gardens Garden

Gardens within a garden. On the occasion of the festival 13e the Tuileries Xavier Laureau answers questions of drafting. The theme this year will cultivate the art of nature in the city to offer new perspectives and reveal green solutions for urban landscapes of tomorrow.


17.11.15  Damien Perrot: Design and Solution Product Manager at AccorHotels

The hotel is a singular subject for architects and designers. Spaces and places that make up the hotel should welcome their customers and plunge them into strange atmospheres throughout their stays. Technology and production, as well as their dedicated spaces, however, must be discreet and let it fully express the magic of hotels. Writing the Muuuz magazine interviewed Damien Perrot, design director at AccorHotels.


21.10.15  Nathalie Perakis-Valat: Photographer of lilongs

On the occasion of the exhibition of his photographic works Lilong Treasures in the Atelier Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nathalie Perakis-Valat answers questions of drafting. His works are an artistic and sensitive testimony of these neighborhoods gradually disappear from the urban landscape of Shanghai.


30.09.15  Leah Maleh: Artist Designer

The work of Leah Maleh combines the spontaneity of the art design of pragmatism. Based in Paris, she answers our questions while presenting his latest creations: contemporary transcription of a liturgical object. An idea born during a trip to Lisbon and inspired by the richness and complexity of form and know-how of traditional religious objects.


28.09.15  Jean-Yves German: Homage to Pierre Paulin

Jean-Yves German is a smuggler, he reveals, is to live or live again around a singular heritage of rare pieces of twentieth century design. He is also the curator of the exhibition devoted to designer Pierre Paulin at the Flea Design this fall. He answers questions during a short interview he granted us.


31.08.15  Dorothy Meilichzon: Designer of the Year M & O Paris

Young Designer of space, rich Wish and inventiveness, Dorothy Meilichzon was named designer of the year by Maison & Objet Paris. His fresh and contemporary achievements trying to tell a different story to each place and each project. Writing the Muuuz magazine asked some questions to this new Parisian talent.