Painting sensitive On / Off by Quarks

For the company 3,14innovation the studio Quarks Design, Triboulot Nicolas, Laurent Thibault Grapin and Thomas have developed the painting "On / Off", a painting that transforms sensory walls touch control switch. Once the paint on the wall, a simple user contact on the surface allows to turn on and off the light. The switch disappears and the whole surface of the wall becomes active.

The system consists of a painting and a hidden electronic device and will be released sometime in 2011. The painting "On / Off" can be applied by brush or roller carrier plaster, wood, concrete or plastic. It may be covered with a topcoat of paint or wallpaper. Both accessible and convenient, the system will also control alarm, shutter or other electrical devices.

The painting "On / Off" is currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry as part of the exhibition of the APCI "The Observeur du Design 2010".

For more information, visit Quarks Design site.

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