Pablo Reinoso : Monographie

This is the 5 editions Continents what output monograph Pablo Reinoso, sculptor-architect making sensation in the art world for over a decade. A 280 page book combines photos and text to better know and understand the mind of the creator.

At the age of 14 years, the young Pablo Reinoso visit Paris. He travels the Rodin Museum, the house of Pierre Chareau Glass, and discovered the sculptor Henry Laurens is a revelation for Argentine teenager. Six years later, he formed his first sculpture studio in Buenos Aires. In 23 years, he moved to Paris in the footsteps of his journey of initiation. This is the beginning of a long career.


From his earliest work in Argentina, he gets used to produce a series, allowing it to go through with his ideas, in order to better control the object it handles, reworked or transformed. As for his Thoneteando series, 2004, the designer turns a symbol of industrial design: the Thonet chair No. 14. Nevertheless, these are its benches Spaghetti, two years later, which led him to the front of the international stage. If by then follows a resounding success period up place an order for the south terrace of the Elysee Palace, and two sculptures located on the banks of the River Thames in London (UK).

With this book, find a comprehensive digest of the work of Pablo Reinoso. Archive images, some unpublished, expanded sincere texts retracing the route of the South American and analyze: a text of the philosopher and epistemologist Michel Serres, an interview with Henri-Francois Debailleux art critic and another with the writer and psychoanalyst Gérard Wajcman.

"If I come to think that the productions of Pablo Reinoso exceed their own nature, not because it would be impossible to name but considered one angle, because each creation can manifest and part of various kinds, multiple, even contradictory, simultaneously or sequentially. "Gérard Wajcman


Monograph Pablo Reinoso, 5 Continents editions, pages 280, 80 euros


1) Back to the plant, 2015, p. 130-131

2) Double Spaghetti , 2006 , p. 136-137

3) harmony chair, 2011, p. 24-25

4) Personal Stool - Self Portrait , 2012 , p. 248-249

5 et 6 ) Ashes to Ashes , 2002 , p. 98-99

7) Two for Tango , 2012 , p. 166-167

8) Circular Bench , 2012 , p. 206-207

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