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22.02.17  AJAP 2016: The exhibition catalog

The catalog of the exhibition dedicated to the winners of 20 2016 AJAP is available in bookstores. Go to City of Architecture & Heritage 28 February to April 9 2017 to get acquainted with the production of this new promotion. The exhibition will then start roaming in France until the proclamation of the winners of the 2018 edition, and abroad through the French Institute network.

27.01.17  urban traits: what Planners (s) work (s)?

Urbanist what (s) work (s)? Is the theme generously covered by the record of the next urban features magazine. The folder including return on a planning change that must adapt and acclimatize to the end of a growth company. The recipes are probably in a version of the discipline where project efficiency becomes paramount and where the public interest is spearheading.

12.12.16  Peter Chadwick: Archi Brut

Peter Chadwick, deeply passionate graphic designer and inspired by the brutalism, this book offers with a broad overview of this fascinating architectural style through prestigious examples. Published in black and white, the famous work movement and highlights many treasures of the brutalist architecture present all over the world.

20.07.16  urban traits: Public Spaces reconquest

This summer, the Urban Traits magazine publishes a special public spaces. Both common good and belonging to no one, and possible passing places, dedicated to expressions, gatherings and contemplation; they are theaters urban vibrations: those anonymous and daily, and those shots of sometimes ancient splendor. Too long relegated to related subjects by planners and decision-makers, public spaces returned to the heart of concerns and attempt to reinvent both through traditional channels but also by most grotesque ways, become refuges creative passions. The summer issue of Urban Traits provides an update on the subject through many illustrated and commented projects.

19.04.16  Chris Younes: Maurice Sauzet. Poetics of architecture

Through generous pages of the book Chris Younes explores the works of architect Maurice Sauzet. Mainly composed of individual dwellings, his works offer a real setting abyss address issues that underpin the natural architecture.

25.03.16  William Hall, Dan Cruickshank: Brick

Parallelepiped rectangle clay mud, brick is then dried in the sun and in air or baked. It is to these ancient materials that were able to accommodate and build wonders. Textures and colors are rich with the history of its origins and its jobs. The work of William Hall, through an architectural travel 224 pages, rehabilitates this humble material and gives him a new setting witnessed its aesthetic and constructive powers.

21.12.15  Guillemette Morel Journel: Handwritten Letters of Le Corbusier

For the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Le Corbusier, the researcher at the National School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais Guillemette Morel Journel published a book with facsimiles of letters of Corbusier, revealing another facet of this legendary architect.

18.12.15  William JR Curtis: Le Corbusier Ideas and Forms

50 years ago, on August 27 1965, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret disappeared in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The 2015 year was rich tributes to him who was one of the greatest architects and instigators of the modern movement. The book by William JR Curtis presents with a second expanded edition and completely redesigned the richness and diversity of the work of this master of modernism, liberator of architecture.

17.12.15  JC Trebbi, Genevaux C, G Bounoure: A New crease art

The fold was able, in the great history of the creation of man, solve many geometric equations, architectural or aesthetic. Rich finesse and elegance of this New Art Pli explores and presents art that always has to teach us. Written with love and fascination with this technique the fold, its three authors, present in the heart of the book a veritable pantheon of this common art in multiple disciplines.