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27.04.17  Van Staeyen Interior: GERM

Transform an awkwardly arranged room into a paradise for children, this is the challenge that was launched Johan Van Staeyen, creator of Van Staeyen Interior GERM for his project. With a sense of originality, this designer has created the most suitable for small structure to make the most of the room in which they spend so much time.

25.04.17  Turull Sörensen Billy Mobile

In Barcelona, ​​the Catalan studio Turull Sorensen delivers new offices Billy Mobile, a startup specializing in mobile advertising. His goal, achieving local to the company's image: young, dynamic and playful.

24.04.17  Claude Cartier Studio: The Black Forest

It is Chanopost in the west of Lyon, Claude Cartier Studio sign its first restaurant in association with the C-Food Group: The Black Forest. An eclectic place, situated halfway between chic bistro and cozy dining area.

19.04.17  Violators W: Hangop Cafe

The concert auditorium and cultural center located Fabriek Willem II Den (Netherlands) and renovated it recently, devoted part of its budget to the interior of its main coffee: the Hangop. This is Overtreders W agency that is responsible for this project at once sweet, thanks to the use of wood, and crude by the use of steel.

12.04.17  Studio Urquiola: Showroom Kettal

In 2017, the famous Spanish brand furniture Kettal provides a new face to its Barcelona showroom, whose design was entrusted to Studio Urquiola. A radical interior refurbishment in profound agreement with the image of the brand combines creativity and innovation.

06.04.17  Margaux Keller Brothers Boutique Gellé

The creation of the new Gellé Brothers store, located at Avenue 19 of the Opera in Paris (1er) was entrusted to interior designer Margaux Keller. To celebrate the rebirth of the legendary house perfumers founded in 1826, the designer could leave express his art and tastes, while respecting the elegant and refined brand image to embalm us the retina and take us to the heart of a royal olfactory journey.

21.03.17  Studioparisien: Yoko Exchange

The gourmet Black Code Group has partnered for the second time the duo of architects Studioparisien to dress its new canteen, Yoko Exchange, located in the district of Paris 3e. In the restaurant, the Japanese lines coexist and upset the codes of traditional French brasserie which they metamorphose discreetly furniture.

17.03.17  House Sarah Poniatowski: Place des Victoires

Last December, the House Sarah Poniatowski opened a third store in an area crossing 400 square meters overlooking the prestigious Place des Victoires in Paris (2e). A warm furnishings whose only motto is "Welcome to the House! ".

06.03.17  Vincent & Gloria Architects: KissKissBankBank

At the heart of 10e district of Paris, the agency Gloria & Vincent Architects book local crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. On no less than 765 square meters, building owners are rewriting the traditional typology of the office.