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21.03.17  Studioparisien: Yoko Exchange

The gourmet Black Code Group has partnered for the second time the duo of architects Studioparisien to dress its new canteen, Yoko Exchange, located in the district of Paris 3e. In the restaurant, the Japanese lines coexist and upset the codes of traditional French brasserie which they metamorphose discreetly furniture.

17.03.17  House Sarah Poniatowski: Place des Victoires

Last December, the House Sarah Poniatowski opened a third store in an area crossing 400 square meters overlooking the prestigious Place des Victoires in Paris (2e). A warm furnishings whose only motto is "Welcome to the House! ".

06.03.17  Vincent & Gloria Architects: KissKissBankBank

At the heart of 10e district of Paris, the agency Gloria & Vincent Architects book local crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. On no less than 765 square meters, building owners are rewriting the traditional typology of the office.

20.02.17  RAAAF: Breaking Habits

Dutch studio Rietveld Architecture Art Affordances unveiled its latest facility Breaking Habits the Mondriaan Fund in Amsterdam. The architects have designed a domestic environment where conventional seating disappear in favor of a modular carpet system that participates in the experiment of an oblique model of life.

14.02.17  Branch Studio Architects: Balnarring retreat

Adaptability and flexibility are key words Balnarring Retreat masters project designed by Studio Architects Branch for an Australian particular. Located a few kilometers from Melbourne, the studio was designed as a retreat space for modular and versatile interior structure.

08.02.17  Samara + Go Hasegawa and Associates: Yoshino Cedar House

Dressed all in wood, cottage designed by Samara Go Hasegawa and Associates was originally created to be presented at the Vision show House of Tokyo before being implanted permanently in the Yoshino area.

08.02.17  Guillermo Santoma Casa Horta

Casa Horta became the residence of the Spanish young designer Guillermo Santoma, where colors become mistresses like a Fauvist work.

07.02.17  Bruno Dias: Moinho das Fragas

Between two towering cliffs had implanted a stone house near the brook. The place is located in Portugal, at the foot of the rocks of São Simão. The project by architect Bruno Dias is implanted in the heart of the thick walls of an old water mill, and turns it into a small apartment.

07.02.17  Saguez & Partners: Design Manufacture

The layout of the new premises of the Saguez & Partners agency was an opportunity for the group to synthesize the issues of living together sustainable and rational use of space within the offices. Communication is at the heart of development, everything has been planned and designed to facilitate trade. The result is an open space where the investments of employees remain free and non-allocated offices.