17.10.17  Rémy Marciano Architecture: Essential Lifestore

The Voûtes shopping center is one of the last stones brought to the EuroMéditerranée project in Marseille (13), the largest urban renewal operation in Southern Europe, launched in 1995. Under the Esplanade de la Major, it hosts the concept store of the Essentiel clothing brand designed by the architect Rémy Marciano, respecting the original frame.

29.09.17  ChartierDalix: R * Generation

Laureate of the competition launched in 2014 by the car brand Renault, agency ChartierDalix, reshapes the design center of the iconic technopole of the group, built in 1996 in Guyancourt (78). An industrial architecture where the work spaces mingle with zones of conviviality and exchange. In short, an iron hand in a velvet glove.

14.07.17  Philip Jodidio: Tree Houses

The Taschen editions present Tree Houses, a collection of more atypical cabins by Philip Jodidio, ranging from vernacular to contemporary.

02.03.17  The 2017 Winners: Interior

The Interior category recognizes outstanding works of interior architecture design of offices, shops, hotels, residence or dining options. Discover the winners of the Interior 2017 category!

09.01.17  4e editing ArchiDesignClub Awards: Opening of votes

For this edition of 4ème ArchiDesignclub Awards, writing Muuuz selected 100 projects with architecture and interior design. The event, which values ​​the dynamics of architectural creation in France, presents the achievements of young designers as established talents in their diverse contexts, budgets and resources.

09.01.17  Interior: Offices, commercial spaces

Discover the inside selection of offices and commercial spaces selected this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

09.01.17  Interior: Shops, stores

Discover the inside selection of shops and stores selected this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

09.01.17  Interior: Restaurant

Discover the inside selection of restaurants selected this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

09.01.17  Interior: Hospitality

Discover the hotel inside Shortlist this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

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