16.03.18  The House: An'garden Café

Babylon had her hanging gardens, Hanoi (Vietnam) at her An'garden Café. At the heart of a former industrial site of 750 square meters, nature seems to have resumed its rights. Along a visible steel structure, the vegetation swarms and invests the whole restaurant, inviting the customers to taste their dishes in an environment located between tropical forest and manufacturing decoration.

15.03.18  Sergio Mannino Studio: Medly

The cloakroom of an art deco pool? The secret landmark of a team of superheroes? Nothing of the sort. The turquoise case imagined by the studio Sergio Mannino is actually home to a local Medly online prescriptions service, allowing you to come and collect prescription drugs previously ordered through the eponymous application.

13.03.18  Michael Malapert: PAPADOOM KITCHEN

The interior designer Michael Malapert delivers a new Parisian address whose colors are as high as the dishes on offer. Welcome to PAPADOOM KITCHEN, Indian grocery store and restaurant "without any constraint, whether you are a vegetarian child, intolerant to gluten or lactose," says his card.

12.03.18  Sella Concept: Omar's Place

Bring sun and heat to a Victorian building? A challenge brilliantly taken up by the studio Sella Concept with Omar's Place, a contemporary Mediterranean restaurant with noble materials and bright tones, made in the heart of London (England).

06.03.18  Lucas and Hernández Gil: Casaplata

Inspired by the still lifes of the artist Giorgio Morandi, the new studio Lucas y Hernández Gil, located in the heart of Seville (Spain), combines raw industrial decor and pop and colorful furniture. A futuristic rendering that values ​​the simple and discreet cuisine offered in this restaurant.

02.03.18  Archstudio: Poly WeDo Art Education

Located in Beijing (China), Poly WeDo Art Education is a creative center specially designed for ... children! And since kids need stimulating places to explore the breadth of their talents, the local Archstudio agency has designed a minimalist wooden case where they are free to sing, play an instrument, make, cook or cook. still dance!

28.02.18  Gosplan Studio: Into The Wood

Live in a work by the artist El Lissitzky? A perspective that may seem strange but, under the leadership of the Italian studio Gosplan, becomes attractive. With volumes inspired by constructivism, the latter designs an original apartment full of surprises.

26.02.18  X + Living: Neobio Kids Restaurant

Between salad bars, cereals or even cats, all concepts emerging in this area seem to never consider children. A time now gone thanks to the Chinese studio X + Living, which designs a restaurant inspired by the imagination of the youngest in which they are free to have fun and dream.

21.02.18  Stone Designs: Yakiniku Rikyu

In Madrid (Spain), the local agency Stone Designs realizes the interior design of the Japanese barbecue restaurant Yakiniku Rikyu. Between steel and wood, the place plunges its visitors into an atmosphere that is both raw and warm.

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