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Structural folds

Student in architecture the Architectural Association in London, Daniel Piker experimenting with folding paper to create self-supporting structures in three dimensions. Discover.

Discover below the video "Deployable / Transformable Structures" with some of the models developed by Daniel Piker:

To learn more about the structural folds, visit the blog of Daniel Piker "Space Symmetry Structure".

For more photos of his experiments, visit his Flickr space "Folding Patterns".

In the same spirit and to find a practical application of this kind of research, you can also see our recent article "Ply Swiss" dedicated to the deaconesses temporary chapel of Saint-Loup. Result of collaboration between researchers and architects, the structure of this place of worship is based in fact directly from the art of origami. To read the rest is here.

Source: Today and Tomorrow