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Heated carpet and nanotechnology

Polish researcher currently working on the integration of nanotubes in carpets. Experiments that could soon allow the production of carpets heating powered by a single 12 volt battery.

Researcher University January Dlugosz in Czestochowa, center-edge research in nanotechnology, Jerzy Peszke working on the integration of carbon nanotubes to polymers used to the manufacture of carpets. nanotubes are very good conductors of heat, the whole would require only a low power for use as a heater. This research thus possible to imagine in the near future the production of coatings heated and highly energy efficient floor.

Note also that Jerzy Peszke is not to his first attempt. In fact, thanks to one of his previous research, the industrial production of linoleum made highly bactericidal through integration of nano-silver should begin shortly.

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Photo credits: Ghutchis

Source: Electronic newsletters