Ross Lovegrove : Convergence

20 Thursday April drafting Muuuz attended the presentation of the monographic exhibition "Convergence" dedicated to the work of the designer Ross Lovegrove. An exhibition to discover until July 3 Center Pompidou in Paris (4e), To the delight of lovers of art, design, technology or even three simultaneously.

As its name suggests, the retrospective-prospective "Convergence "Unites and crosses the work of the British artist industrial designer Ross Lovegrove into several thematic pavilions integrates nature, science, industry, arts, biotechnology and ecology. Conventional materials such as copper or aluminum are used here; but also other more technology, such as fiberglass or carbon fibers, or plastic printed 3D technology. Ross Lovegrove uses indeed algorithmic calculation software or recent construction processes such as thermo-forming. For a long time, the artist uses digital technologies to create his works, which allowed him to develop his art and its relationship to materials and their use.

So through ten exposure that are arranged these minimum work platforms; which joined Ross Lovegrove's vision of the role of designer, which should above all "thinking about our lifestyles."

Among the achievements outlined, the pavilion LiquidKrystal, Made with the brand Lasvit, Czech glass object editor and partner of the exhibition. An exceptional lodge its content, since it is composed of twenty-four unique glass panels, with a variation of temperature and time of solidifying silica, simulated in advance by computer software. Inside the structure is a rare collection of the master's sketchbooks, with unpublished sketches made up hand, which we learn in as little about the vision of his work and his ideas.

Halfway between exposure and the retrospective, "Convergence" takes you to the heart of research by Ross Lovegrove, a journey through the material and its use to prevent a future complicated in terms of access to raw materials. What the creator calls DNA for "Design-Art-Nature" then carries with it the DNA of human nature all the time moving in its technologies and ideas.

Ross Lovegrove Convergence exhibition will run from April 12 3 July 2017 3 to the Gallery of the Center Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, Paris (4)


1) Lasvit LiquidKristal Pavilion, 2012, Lasvit editor, photo Simone Cupoli.

2) Ilabo Shoes, 2015, editor and photo United Nude

3) The Gingko Carbon Table, 2007, photo Center Pompidou

4) Diatom, 2014

5) Ty Nant bottle, 2002, photo Lovegrove Studio

6) InfinityLoop, 2014, Barrisol collection

To learn more, visit the site of Ross Lovegrove

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