Stéphane Degoutin et Gwenola Wagon : Institut de néotonie pour la fin du travail

On the occasion of its tenth edition, the Biennale of Saint Etienne has chosen to focus on the theme of labor changes. United under the banner of "Working Promise", exhibitions and installations presented in IN and OFF of the event offer a transversal reading - sometimes prospective, artistic or realistic - this topic.

Amid the projects conceived by designers, artists, students, sociologists, historians, etc., is the installation of ovniesque Stéphane Degoutin Gwenola Wagon and artists Institute néotonie to the end of work, trying to imagine the vision tertiary activity that could have aliens would land on Earth. This gives néotonie Institute for late work, the miniature reproduction of a call center of 20 abandoned and overgrown by plants seats. This extrapolation of the wage degradation is enhanced by the presence of computer screens which rotate looped amateur videos denouncing it.
To fight against this contemporary phenomenon, the néotonie Institute for after work proposes an extension of the period of infancy of man, called "néotonie" or even a growth curve changed: once the border of age adult passed, the individual would return to adolescence.


The néotonie as a point founder of a new company to permanent changes? Unless whether to go faster with? In all cases, the device asks and sounds like a warning to the public.

© Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

To learn more, visit internatioanle the Biennale site design Saint-Étienne et Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

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