La Biennale du Design de Saint-Etienne : Working Promesse

10e for this edition, the Biennale of St. Etienne design examines changes in work through design and its become effective. How to improve the work, make it more enjoyable, more intelligent? While dealing with the proliferation of new technologies and social tensions?

Olivier Peyricot, research director of the Cité du Design explains the biennial as a research program that leads and builds his thinking on assumptions, surveys and experiments. Two concepts born from a cross between design and work are questioned: temporality with new technologies and the use of space through the existence of third-places (Fablab, Co-working space, hacker site). Two approaches that become drivers of change and renewal impacting directly on the work organization.

In continuation of this quest biennial innovation specifically invited the City of Detroit to share his experience of participatory citizenship and creative entrepreneurial spirit. The city of Saint-Etienne, registered in the emerging participatory dynamic, continuing to develop the process and sets up numerous partnerships with regional players but also international.

Biennale positions itself as incubator project with the ambition of transforming the territory of experimentation fields with dozens of corporate laboratories heart exhibitions and hosting concept created for the occasion by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan.
It remains in line with previous: protean through its IN and OFF, its events and meeting platforms.





The Biennale will take place from March 9 9 2017 April.

To learn more, visit the site of the Design Biennial of Saint Etienne.

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