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17.03.17  Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon néotonie Institute for the end of work

On the occasion of its tenth edition, the Biennale of Saint Etienne has chosen to focus on the theme of labor changes. United under the banner of "Working Promise", exhibitions and installations presented in IN and OFF of the event offer a transversal reading - sometimes prospective, artistic or realistic - this topic.

10.03.17  POPCORN: Art, Design and Cinema

As part of the Biennale 10e design of St. Stephen, the Museum of Modern Art and contemporary of Saint-Étienne Métropole - MACA for short - has chosen to explore the existing relationships between art, design and cinema with 'POPCORN exposure. Art, Design and Film. A tripartite title for a transdisciplinary approach with a non-exhaustive corpus of artwork, photos, films, objects and furniture.

10.03.17  Vitra Design Museum: Bar - A chair for the World

The Monobloc exhibition - flesh for the World, presented at the Vitra Design Museum of 17 18 March to June honors so common and universal object that is no longer questioned: the white plastic chair.

07.03.17  Saint-Etienne Design Capital

Since 2010, Saint-Etienne is the only French city to have joined the Creative Cities Network design Unesco, joining large cities such as Buenos Aires, Berlin, Montreal, Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Seoul, Graz , Beijing, Bilbao, Helsinki or Turin. With the integration of design in its territory which is based on an old tradition of innovation 200 years, which irrigates today its economy, the underdog has nothing to envy these megacities.

06.03.17  Pritzker Architecture Prize 2017: RCR Arquitectes

The work of the three Spanish architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize honorary 2017 Wednesday 1er March. Their joint work, initiated thirty years ago under the banner RCR Arquitectes, convinced the jury. Besides the aesthetics or functionality of the projects, which distinguishes the agency from its competitors is its strong determination to infuse inspiration both local and global in its buildings.

13.02.17  Gardens, Garden: Call for Projects

The 14e edition of Gardens, Garden remains the reference event, dedicated to experimental innovations and projects for urban landscape and exterior design. The event offers designers, architects and landscape architects from all backgrounds to compete in a selection of exterior design prototypes.

30.01.17  The Design Biennial of Saint Etienne: Working Promise

10e for this edition, the Biennale of St. Etienne design examines changes in work through design and its become effective. How to improve the work, make it more enjoyable, more intelligent? While dealing with the proliferation of new technologies and social tensions?

23.01.17  Traffic (s): Festival of young European Photography

It is at home Centquatre has elected the festival of young European photography. Springboard for young photographers from 2011, and forward-looking, innovative laboratory of contemporary creativity, Traffic (s) offers a fresh perspective on Europe through photography. Its mission is to bring out the talents and create a network of European structures.

23.01.17  Forum for Urban Projects: Great Western

Since 2001, the Forum of Urban Projects is a key event that brings together over 1 700 65 people and projects at the convention center in Paris. What form does metropolisation in the urban area of ​​Nantes? What are the new areas development projects? How to fight against the social isolation? How to make attractive the metropolis and its territories? So many issues that Great West local actors attach ...