Nendo : Air Lids

Who said that in order to make a success of your grandmother's recipes, you also had to borrow her utensils? In collaboration with air conditioner manufacturer Daikin, the renowned Japanese design studio nendo creates a set of contemporary and functional culinary tools that mimic hand movements.

"A pinch of sugar"; "A drop of vanilla essence"; "A spoon of aroma" ... So many expressions that are an integral part of culinary practice. A lexical field that the team of the designer Oki Sato took literally in his collection of gastronomic accessories Air Lids, composed of five objects inspired by the repetitive gestures observed during the preparation of the dishes. The assembly is made of fluoroelastomer - used for the envelope of Daikin air conditioners. A choice of material that is also explained by its properties: resistance to heat and oils, longevity of color, or even silky touch - more than the usual silicone rubber.


Always in a minimalist and elegant spirit characteristic of his creations, the nendo studio proposes here a variety of small elements, all named according to their function. We find here Pick up lid, a lid / glove designed to collect a pinch of the contents of its tiny associated container - ideal for peppers that can burn skin -; or Press lid, a sort of bottle with spout that opens when you press on its upper part; Pinch lid, whose conical cap conceals a small spoon that allows dosing seasonings; Push lid, a container whose ovoid lid expels the contents as it is introduced into it. Finally, the collection ends with a carafe named Pull lid, largest part of the series, whose round plug is connected to the inside of the receptacle by a flexible rod, that it is enough to wedge on the edge to open.

A set in the image of the creation of nendo: sober, elegant and terribly effective.

To learn more, visit the site of nendo

Photographs: DR

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