Charles Pétillon : Connexions

In collaboration with the photographer and artist Charles Pétillon, the American brand Sunbrella - leading manufacturer of textile called "high performance" - magnifies its products through a creative and surprising artistic project named Connections. An inflatable balloons ten interrelated and dressed in technical fabrics for a result measuring over 4,20 meters.

The purpose of this creation is to explore the possibilities of the material in order to offer an atypical presentation that goes beyond the simple presentation of samples. Installation is also accompanied by a work of photographs and videos, showing Connections in settings and other places that an exhibition or a museum room, to create a link between art and the place where it is expressed.

The second connection is established in a much more literal context, since the brand and the artist-photographer developed a dedicated website Connections, Where users can move the structure in space track Catch Google Street View, and become the time few clicks themselves artists. A new bridge appears, this time between the real and the virtual, and between viewer and creator, whose roles will eventually merge.


Launched in Milan the installation is to become itinerant and browse the exhibitions and other artistic events. This work makes three protagonists interact - Sunbrella Charles Pétillon and the viewer - perfectly combines visual art and space where matter is defined in relation to the world that encompasses.

Photo: Charles Pétillon

To learn more, visit theE site of Sunbrella et By Charles Pétillon

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