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Lukas Dahlén: Ori

Created by Swedish designer Lukas Dahlén, suspensions bright "Ori" is inspired by the art of origami. Presented at the Salon del Mobile in Milan, they consist of copper sheets folded in the manner of

& Nbsp; Japanese folding.

On this project, Lukas Dahlén says:

"Sheet metal-have characteristics as the Saami When It Comes to paper folding. After a lot of experimenting with paper and origami instruction Many watching movies I managed to Understand the technology and construct a pattern of my own.

A lampshade That Reflects the light Downwards with a light colored by the golden brass. & Nbsp; The metal is cut with photo-etching, qui aussi cuts Halfway through the sheet to create the creases for the folding. A different pattern is used For Each side of the sheet to allow the metal to fold in the Desired direction. "

For more information, visit the website Lukas Dahlén.

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