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Miriam Aust: Vase & amp; Leute

"Vase & amp; Leute" is both mud and luminaire. Directed blown glass by German designer Miriam Aust DUA for the manufacturer, the object-like utensils laboratory reveals an artificial nature, studied or preserved, as in a test tube.

On this project, Miriam Aust states:

"In MOST cases a plant is cultivated in a flowerpot, ict stature is controlled and the space Permitted. The draft is sounding out possible, Barriers and Analysing how much a plant Can Be Influenced, goal still REMAIN" natural ". A glass plant is light the result of exceptional combinations and unusual materials. The type is presented artifcially, the living being white used as material and laboratory aesthetics is brought` Into the living room. "

Photographs: Jan Köhler

For more information, visit the website Miriam Aust and of DUA.

Source: Design Potter

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