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28.03.17  Alexandra Kehayoglou: Hand-Tufts Carpeted Landscapes

The Argentine designer Alexandra Kehayoglou realizes handmade sculptural carpet on the theme of nature, combining art and crafts. To do this, it uses as raw material falls of the son of El Espartano textile factory owned by his family.

23.03.17  Arturo Alvarez Coral Collection

Inspired by coral reefs, Coral suspensions Collection designer and Spanish artist Arturo Alvarez bloom and light up poetically.

20.03.17  Marcus Voraa: Roll-out table

For the Table Roll-out, the designer Marcus Voraa graduate of the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (Norway) questioned the concept of modularity and usability of this iconic piece of furniture.

27.02.17  Zaven: The Athletes

In collaboration with Nike, creative studio designed Zaven The Athletes, a series of lights with organic lines, inspired by the movement of the top athletes.

20.02.17  Union Co Wood: Birch Bark Series

The company Union Wood Co, based in Vancouver, designs and manufactures handmade furniture from reclaimed materials such as wood, metal and leather. Birch Bark for the series, the designers matched birch bark and lacquered wood, creating a texture of game between the materials.

20.02.17  Sophie Hardy: Breaking Surface

Breaking Surface is a table designed by the designer Sophie Hardy. His pastel colored plate consists of sheets of colored paper and sandwiched between two plywood boards. The serrated edge of the table suggests elegantly colored strata.

15.02.17  Studio Dessuant Bone: The Day Bed

After a guest appearance at the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, Studio Dessuant Bone presents a new collection in collaboration with the company Allaert Aluminium: Industrial Art. The Day Bed combines glass to aluminum for a frank and minimalist outcome.

13.02.17  Bar Gantz: Wood bending

The designer of Israeli origin, Bar Gantz, has designed a collection of furniture made entirely from wood curved with a process using heat and steam. This gives it an air and organic design that comes in different furniture. The angles are absorbed into the wood waves carefully designed by the designer.

13.02.17  Helsinki's Aalto University: Under Bar Himmel

This year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair Aalto University of Helsinki presented a series of chairs conceived and developed by students from one medium: steel rods. They assemble cross and offer structures and geometric foundations.