26.05.17  Assaf Israel: DayDream

Inspired by the symbol of infinity, the designer and founder of the Joynout agency based in Milan (Italy), Assaf Israel, designs an X-shaped seat in a minimalist, colorful and sculptural approach.

19.05.17  Stelios Mousarris: Wave City Coffee Table

The Cypriot artist Stelios Mousarris designs Wave City, a coffee table inspired by the cult scene of the city of Paris falling back on itself, resulting from the film Inception by Christopher Nolan. A spectacular visual effect that the designer has managed to reproduce faithfully in furniture.

17.05.17  BIG: Alphabet of Light

The range of lamps Alphabet of Light is born from the association of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG agency) and the Italian lighting company Artemide. Their joint production is characterized by the creation of a new modular geometric police.

16.05.17  Fernando Mastrangelo: Ghost Furniture

Presented at the last Collective New York Design Fair (USA), Ghost is a series of furniture consisting of a dining table, a console and a coffee table. Imagined by designer Fernando Mastrangelo, these parts are made of cement with a robotic arm.

05.05.17  SPORTS: Runaway

It is part of the event Takepart | makeart: Taking outdoors art organized by the city of Santa Barbara (USA), the design agency SPORTS presents Runaway installation, winner of the competition of the same name organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

03.05.17  Ingo Maurer & Theo Möller: Blow Me Up

The designer Theo Möller book an inflatable, flexible lamp straight from Germany: an interesting project in its design but also its use.

28.04.17  Evan Fay: Lawless Chair

Noticed at the Milan Design Week for his Lawless Bench, the American designer Evan Fay Aratani Fay studio presents a new work based on the same creative processes: Lawless Chair. Between sweetness and brutality, Evan Fay book a chair based on the mix of styles and materials.

27.04.17  Haobin Lin: LeGrow

Create an indoor garden both scalable and adaptable to small apartments or offices, that's the challenge that's launched the Chinese designer Haobin Lin.

24.04.17  Jiyoun Kim Studio: Dokkaebi Stool

Seoul City has launched the project Hangang Art Park. The four selected artists can then display their works in parks along the Han River, popular with Korean families. The theme this year: "SUIM" - translatable "rest" - interpreted by the Korean designer Jiyoun Kim a series of 24 Dokkaebi named stools.