Serjios : It is not about what you see but how you see it

"That's what you see, but how you perceive it". This is a good summary of the work of Serge Najjar, a lawyer from the Beirut Bar and a photographer in his spare time. On his instagram account, Serjios - as he calls himself - sublimates the daily life and captures the lines of Lebanese architecture.

Architecture is not merely contemplative but is intimately linked to life. The contours, the colors, the play of light, everything, in the work of Serge Najjar relates the buildings to those who build and inhabit them.


"I try to look at my everyday surroundings with a fresh eye. My pictures show what I saw. " Serge Najjar, photographer

Thanks to his sharp eye, the constructions of the Paris of the East become abstract, composed only of lines designed to highlight the human silhouette that accompanies them. Breaking with the geometry of contemporary works that interest him, the presence of characters energizes the urban landscapes, make them real. The artist does not just photograph architectural achievements but architectural contexts, decorations used to stage everyday life and magnify it.

All these situations to which we do not pay attention, Serjios freezes them and obliges the viewer to stop contemplating the beauty of everyday life.

To learn more, visit the account instagram of Serjios

Pictures: Serjios

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