Douglas Gordon & Morgane Tschiember : As close as you can for as long as it lasts

In the framework of the exhibition 1049 elevation: avalanche organized by the LUMA Foundation in the city of Gstaad in Switzerland, Douglas Gordon & morgane tschiember wore an interrogator and artistic look on the natural disaster. Both artists Land Art built their reflection in the form of call and response on the side of the Alpine landscape of Gstaad. Their collaborative work is part of 11 creations presented by other artists as part of the winter exhibition.

Challenged by the ambivalence of the landscape, both beautiful and terrifying, Douglas and Morgan explored the idea of ​​Alpine lone traveler looking to break his solitude, and wondered if this need would be based on desire, fear or excitement of the unknown. The two artists have imagined and projected instead of traveling to define a vehicle for socialization: fire.


Their monumental work is organized in two stages, a sound installation recreating the scary sounds of wilderness, wildlife and obscure calls and leads the public to the monumental fire ring that symbolizes the survival and comfort. Fire is seen here as a unifying entity, a metaphor of the human community, the smoke, heat and light are the language.

The image of man in the ring of fire smoldering, its impact on environment, soot marble floor initially free from any footprint and melted crystallized water. The smoke has blackened the sky and the crisp mountain air, leaving marks on its passage. This monumental and ephemeral building leads the public to question the human loneliness but also on the impact of the Man in the environmental.

The exhibition runs from February 3 19 March in situ and ex situ of the city of Gstaad.

To learn more, visit 1049 the elevation site

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