Cabinet des Curiosités Numériques

To Nod-A, promoting innovation agency and digital design, architecture Coudamy Paul imagined the Cabinet of Curiosities Digital, a nomadic exhibition system, removable and adaptable. Shaped stylized tree, the installation consists of a central pedestal supporting three bright circles hung with textiles, defining space and lighting works. The metal structure incorporates electrical wiring and supports long curtains of tissue that create alcoves and shape the visitor's journey.

On the Cabinet of Curiosities Digital, Coudamy Paul says:

"The Cabinet of Curiosities Digital is an interactive mobile device, which presents fifteen works, objects, applications and prototypes. It is a full hybrid system at the border of the gallery, showroom and laboratory uses. it positions "exposure time not as the culmination of a work but as a stage of experimentation and its performance" (Samuel Bianchini). the pieces presented questioning the use of new technologies and how they change our lives.

The simple design of the structure is a machine that offers a versatile device to expose digital works with very different aspects in up to space conditions.

Unplugged, the SCC is completely removable, made of an interlocking system, it is mounted on site. All the elements fit in a truck, the structure occasionally moved as required. The modules and materials may be more or less spaced to occupy 10m² condensed mode in the central shaft up to a hundred square meters with around works.

Designed as a tree with its canopy, the SCC consists of a central base that supports 3 bright circles that form a landmark for visitors. Circles can rotate 20 ° to suit the desired configuration. The art system 3 leaves and the center post facilitates the passage of electrical cables. The opening of the alveoli in the circles are configurable at will through the veils which adapt spaces. Create closed and hidden alcoves, range between works, separate areas, openings ... Next the materials used can be played presenting works by varying degrees of transparency to create intimate spaces safe from look, shadows with translucent fabrics or transparencies.

Trees are drawn as steel trunks, around the start of the branches can be freely configured to 360 ° position trays of different diameters and lengths to fit the circular shape of the tree, and present objects of different sizes. The foot is covered with resin bases which can house electrical and technical parts which cost along the central portion.

Resin ribbed blue, cubic modules together serve as base for the works, technical and block seating for visitors. Nesting boxes 3 dimensions, start into each other for easy transport. "

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For more information, visit the website Paul Coudamy And the one of Nod-A.

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