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22.03.17  Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY: Under Magnitude

The French architect Marc Fornes, based in New York and founder of THEVERYMANY agency has delivered Magnitude Under a suspended structure installed in the atrium of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando (USA). As usual, he made an organic sculpture whose design is based entirely on computers.

07.03.17  Natalie Christensen: The Deconstructed Self

Along the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, psychotherapist and photographer Natalie Christensen, questioned everyday architecture of the highway to detect the extraordinary.

24.02.17  Federico Babina: Archiatric

After ARCHITALE series, architectural representation of fairy tales in the image of Cinderella, or ARCHISUTRA evocative name, Italian illustrator Federico Babina is endeavoring to new challenges: bringing to psychiatric disorders architectural figures.

23.02.17  Gary Schlingheider: 30mm

The concept of simplification questions and influences the work of the German artist Gary Schlingheider exposed at the Graduate show in the University of the Arts Berlin. Formed pure steel, its sculptural series 30mm materializes seven flat pieces with curved or straight edges, offering even abstract geometric replay of everyday objects.

17.02.17  Do-Ho Suh: Passage

The center of Contemporary Art Rosenthal Cincinnati Ohio hosted late last year the works of Korean artist Do-Ho Suh plastic. The exhibition entitled Passage was designed to trace the reflection of the artist on the memory notions of movement and space.

14.02.17  Lucas Zimmermann: Traffic Lights

German photographer Lucas Zimmermann pushes the limits of the vision of man through his photographic work. Night at the intersection of two desert roads he directed traffic lights and reveals the scope of light materializing its beams.

13.02.17  Chiharu Shiota: Where Are We Going

For the first time Chiharu Shiota uses the color white to weave his son facility that mingle and intertwine in the manner of a delicate air network. On the occasion of a carte blanche, the Japanese artist has suspended his poetry and his universe under the large windows of the Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

10.02.17  Douglas Gordon & Morgane Tschiember: As close as you can for as long as it lasts

In the framework of the exhibition 1049 elevation: avalanche organized by the LUMA Foundation in the town of Gstaad in Switzerland, Douglas Gordon & Morgane Tschiember wore an interrogator and artistic look on the natural disaster. Both artists land art have built their reflection in the form of call and response on the side of the Alpine landscape of Gstaad. Their collaborative work is part of 11 creations presented by other artists as part of the winter exhibition.

07.02.17  Laurent Rosset: The sky is flat

In the manner of a surrealist artist and architect Laurent Rosset, expresses his thoughts in the absence of any control of reason. The artist uses photography to assert its almost dreamlike world where heaven and earth merge and come together to form a single entity.