Aether Architects : The ARTINN building

In the city of Guanwu (China), the Chinese agency Aether Architects has completely transformed a house abandoned in a hotel and a cultural center. Its particularity: the structure is surrounded by a metal reinforcement cubic bright white which acts as a protective double skin.

The renovation therefore brings new life to an abandoned building with two levels, located in the middle of a residential area. It is divided into two areas: one public, with a cafe on the ground floor and an upstairs art gallery and a café-literary; one private, with a hotel with four rooms on each floor. Simple volumes, dressed in white, simply punctuated with a few plants and wooden furniture.


The project takes its full extent on the outside with a metal exoskeleton that covers entirely. This cubic lattice acting as sunshades broken only by a few breakthroughs that match the doors and windows of the building. To fight against a certain geometric monotony, designers turn their frame of this double-skin benefits from growths on the floor and roof. By simply adding a wooden plate between four metal bars, the skin becomes a bench on the ground floor and floor and then seated on the roof terrace accessible from the coffee.

"We use the concept of gross lattice structure to develop a series of small overlapping units knitting and envelope the original building, giving it a new shape and creating a new architectural space. " Aether Architects

This assembly then brings the privacy of a hotel, making it a part of life both convenient and enjoyable. The frame softens its environment and the border with the street.

Photo: Chao Zhang

To learn more, visit Aether Architects website


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