Snøhetta et Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture : Centre international d'art pariétal

Widely known for the concentration of these Paleolithic caves, the Vézère Valley now hosts a new cavity, this time built by the hand of man: the International Center for the wall art says Lascaux IV. A telluric architecture 8 600 square meters entrusted Norwegians Snøhetta and the Bordeaux agencyDuncan Lewis Scape Architecture. Zoom on the fourth installment of the saga that has lasted Lascaux soon 80 years.

In 1940, occurred one of the biggest blows chance of Archeology: four teenagers discovered by chance that today that is nicknamed the Sistine Chapel of prehistory, the Lascaux cave. Degraded by moisture from the breath of visitors, it is closed to the public in 1963 before being reproduced exactly twenty years later to allow the curious to discover its cave paintings, without damaging the original.


Unlike Lascaux IIThe fourth installment has a full facsimile - not partial - of the cave and, for realism, mimics Site atmosphere: temperature (16 ° C), humidity, lighting and sound. This paint job handmade required 2 years 25 realization by artists. A complete sensory experience in the heart of prehistoric times in a concrete monolith that architects have imagined as a contemporary reinterpretation of a cellar.

The project is thus half-buried in a gently sloping hill, the green roof is accessible to visitors and is part of the scenography of the International Center of wall art, on two levels with the reproduction of the cave, a patio mineral and elongate, and exposure retailer including fragments of the cavity spaces. Since the road that passes below, only a slight lifting of the field and two telluric faults - one vertical, horizontal other - suggest the presence of the cultural establishment.

A new coup for the agency Snøhetta, here associated with SRA Architects and Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture, in an envelope at once massive and delicate.

Photographs: Eric Solé Boegly + Grazia photographers Dan Coutrice

To learn more, visit the site of Snøhetta et Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture

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