OMA : Concrete

The Arts District of Dubai (UAE), established in 2007, supports artistic initiatives in the region. It hosts more than 25 galleries. This industrial area has recently been invested by the multifunctional cultural space Concrete directed by the OMA, which meets the growing need of the site to provide a place of public display that can host an eclectic program.

To meet the place scalability needs, the architects completely transformed a former warehouse 1 250 square meters in a massive crenellated building, the highest parts create a volumetric game jut of the back cover, with effect from shadow and light, strengthened by flying glass and mirror integrated with aggregates of the dark concrete.


The main courtyard façade, designed as a transparent and flexible entity with impressive full height entrance doors, is coated with polycarbonate panels maximizing both the thermal insulation and the entry of natural light. This translucent skin gives a futuristic aesthetics to Concrete and allows it to detonate in his environment to industrial style.

The interior has a ceiling height of 8 meters and hinged and sliding walls designed to alter the configuration of the space based works and sheltered events.

Photograph: Mohamed Somji

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