Between Benedict and Roselyne & mazet 70 m2 of Nîmes hinterland, it is a history that goes back a decade, when the couple then settled in Paris, decided to buy a second house to renovate a region in which they are rooted. The story continues in 2014, while the combination that has since retired, wants to share his time between the South of France and the capital. He asked the architects to DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX agency. to design the extension of this house became too small to house the family that has grown over the years.

In response to life changes owners and their three daughters, architects have proposed nine different sketches, fruit of a long process of discussion and education. The end result is an extension of 90 2 m2016 delivered in October to accommodate three generations under one roof, from grandparents to grandchildren, while guaranteeing everyone's privacy. For this, the master builders install two bodies of adjoining buildings, modeled on the old building itself consists of two parts arranged in L. A new wing to vernacular expression is thus disposed in the slope on a strip of land purchased meantime, and a contemporary tower of three levels shuttered concrete incorporating the traditional dimensions of mas - 5 6 meters - play for its role ball between the new part and the old.


« The first idea of ​​our clients was to realize a traditional extension. Together, we gradually away from the model of pastiche », Book Arthur Ozenne, the architect DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX agency.

Once customers like the idea, it remained to convince local officials more accustomed to projects tiles and plaster. The dialogue was correct reluctant due to the strength of conviction of architects who were able to prove that their project did not consist of the denial of a local constructive knowledge, but only in an ode to the log cabin, worked here " the twenty-first century sauce "As the book Arthur Ozenne including reinterpreting the typical small openings in this construction that protect against overheating in summer and chilly winter. For the sake of consistency, the contractors have also promoted the use of local businesses located in a perimeter around 30 kilometers, slightly broken to the exercise of shuttered concrete dyed.


The extension and houses a lounge and three additional rooms topped by a terrace sheltered by large concrete walls beveled. The creation of this unique outdoor space was motivated partly by the desire to promote the privacy of the occupants of this building regularly invested by friends and family, and also a technical reason, flat roofs concrete is not authorized by French regulations. Under the law those large concrete shells are actually parapets which themselves meet national standards constructive while sealing the set.

The DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX agency. performs an exercise in style with delicacy, marrying strength and discretion, past and contemporary architecture together in a mineral which echoes the history of the place: an old quarry.

Photographs: Florian Kleinefenn and agency Dixneufcentquatrevingtsix

The project is selected forles ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018inthe category Housing - House

To learn more, visitArchiDesignclub the Awards site et by DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX

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