Brandon Clifford + Michael Schanbacher: Five Fields Play Structure

In the context of the development of life in the neighborhood of Five Field of the town of Lexington (USA), The Brandon Clifford architects Matter Design and Michael Schanbacher FR | SCH Projects designed a playground accessible to all, based on heart of a park. The infrastructure for children is an experimental laboratory and an inventive incubator.

Elongated, the course consists of a single aisle strewn with obstacles: the doors and stairs lead nowhere, entries are hidden and are only suggested by flat areas of color that bring dynamic raw wood coating. The slim design incorporates the best environment in which it hugs the gently sloping fact echoes the vegetation of the site with vertical elements.



Architects seek the attention of children with atypical volumes and an interlocking geometric shapes positioned cantilever, giving rise to a structure that combines traditional and contemporary architecture games.

To learn more, visit thee Matter Design site and FR | SCH Projects

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