Splashs par Zakarian-Navelet

The parking Polygon Rive Gauche in Béziers, the Marseille architecture firm Zakarian-Navelet conducted a playful scenography and graphics inspired by film noir and comic books. By creating areas of light and shadow, and Zakarian Navelet emphasize the mystery of the place, the dramatize, offering a fantasy story of these underground spaces often staged at the cinema.

On this project, the agency said Zakarian-Navelet:

"In film, when you see a car, there are murders, secret exchange of briefcases and that's where Jack Bauer is involved. Underground car parks are seen as aggressive and abandoned worlds, designed for a client single. They hide the car under a building or a public space, ashamed of their existence.

Today these sites positioned in the bilge mutate. The theme is not the car but the man. Inspired by the work of designers and contemporary artists, we seek to offer a reinterpretation of these places very standardized.

In Béziers, in the new complex polygon Rive Gauche, our support is the gray concrete, and our tools: paint and artificial light. We propose a simple and playful intervention: splash! All parking is covered with several layers of graphics, and the convergence areas (halls, escalators ...) a big splash colorful notes played on the singularity and loss of bearings. The floor and ceiling are treated identically and space could also work ... in reverse.

Two colors are used: black for the first basement very raw and red for a second basement more playful. 1500 the parking spaces were transformed into two beautiful identifiable hypostyle halls, hostesses an in-between urban. "

Photos: Celine Michelon

For more information, visit the website Zakarian-Navelet.

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