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House Tennis Club by Michel Tortel

Latest achievement of Michel Tortel architectural office in Aix-En-Provence, this small building houses the sporting vocation of a local tennis club and school lockers. Sculptural and dramatic, this construction steel structure HQE dresses in a dual finely perforated metal skin, as marked by the trajectories and impacts & nbsp;

tennis balls.

On this project, the agency says Michel Tortel:

"Located in an urban space devalued and potential target of vandalism, the site has been on a very narrow plot next to the program in the Jas de Bouffan the sports complex. It is outside the historical context and Provençal within and adjacent a wooded area, a former gymnasium.

The building stretches lengthwise on two levels based on the ramp leading to the Castle of the Clock. The plot is almost entirely occupied by the court and the building.

The building is designed for two types of users; & nbsp; those in the sports department for sports locker rooms and those of the Tennis club. The two entities are completely independent.

The program consists of changing rooms, toilets, showers, meeting rooms, offices, equipment rooms and terraces.

We proposed to the city to treat the insertion and ownership of the building by a qualitative architecture and showing joyful value unpretentious, inviting to the surprise and the feeling of familiarity by incorporating finely and so perennial codes sport and sport-related mode.

The budget was reduced, but we fought to treat this building "& nbsp; Sports & nbsp;" not so austere or minimalist. We started from the idea that sport is a reference, one of the latest models of society leaving open the possibility of social success even for the most disadvantaged.

Sport speaks in codes colored through brands and iconic stars. The building is expressed in the same way. He is dressed like a sportsman but tells other stories when you turn around

He says first of all - its structure density - sport, movement and balance that characterize the gestural sports (especially the tennis serve), while tension and movement by its two door overhang - for awnings and sun visor, essential in this region

He then discusses in front is the game of tennis with a dynamic breakthrough skin at the rate of impacts would have left some balls during the game, revealing the yellow building at the angle of view.

The pattern of impacts and trajectories is itself made up of small impacts, for a skin "& nbsp; & nbsp offset 3D;" not allowing the escalation of the building by its users. This game on the scales creates a mise en abyme, small holes to draw large holes. Inside, the dialogue continues with gabions of tennis balls and surprising images with scales.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was its economic equation. The overall budget restricted & nbsp; led us to decide between & nbsp ;; services actually expected and areas allocated for preserving incompressible and qualitative targets to negotiate, as a design project, with a cost of reduced target.

The metal structure and counting neat interiors were the only solution to get to market cost.

The building consists of a metal structure and skins with external insulation, floor and walls cooperating gross blocks.

The skin creating a dynamic effect is limited to the north and gears. It serves as a thermal regulator on the long south facade - east and north. Double glazing, the VMC turbofan allow to reach a thermally efficient building with 118 KW / m² / year

The set is fully accessible for this club tennis PMR making the first Tennis club "& nbsp; & nbsp abled;" ".

For more information, visit the Agency Michel Tortel.

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