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28.03.17  Mailitis Architects: The Shaolin Monks Flying Theater

The origin of martial arts dates back to the famous Shaolin Temple, founded in the fifth century in Henan province (China). It is in the same region, the heart of a forest of giant cypresses and side of the Songshan Mountain, the tradition continues with a metal and steel theater performed by the Latvian agency Mailitis Architects who reinterprets terrain surrounding landscape.

27.03.17  MoederscheimMoonen Architects: P + R Station Zutphen

The municipality of Zutphen (Netherlands) integrates its former industrial area Noorderhaven outdoor parking for the users of the railway station. The P + R complex, designed by the Dutch agency MoederscheimMoonen Architects 375 offers parking for cars and bikes 600 slots.

24.03.17  Arches Valley Villa

A few kilometers from the capital Vilnius, the Lithuanian agency Arches installs Valley Villa, inspired by the nearby forest with an irregular gabled roof, echoing the contours of the site and an untreated wood siding evoking the surrounding conifers.

23.03.17  Konieczny: Ark House

Protection is a redundant theme in the work of the architect Konieczny. After performing in 2009 The Safe House, real safes habitable, he designed the stunning Ark House on the slopes of the Polish countryside with a desire to reconcile security and maximum openness to the outside to enjoy the picturesque view.

22.03.17  Sunshine PR: Ding Hui Yuan Zen & Tea Chamber

Sunshine PR architecture firm transformed an old factory from 1970 in a lounge teas, Ding Hui Yan Zen & Tea Chamber, located in the city of Beijing (China). Project managers are focusing their design project around meditation, traffic flows and the delimitation of spaces.

21.03.17  Hérault Arnod Architects: International City Paul Ricoeur

At the heart of the Breton capital, Grenoble Hérault Arnod Architects agency deliver the Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur. Focus on a building over 7 000 square meters housing four separate programs in a harmonious setting.

17.03.17  OMA: Concrete

The Arts District of Dubai (UAE), established in 2007, supports artistic initiatives in the region. It hosts more than 25 galleries. This industrial area has recently been invested by the multifunctional cultural space Concrete directed by the OMA, which meets the growing need of the site to provide a place of public display that can host an eclectic program.

16.03.17  Dietmar Feichtinger Architects: 10 social housing

Castagnary street in 15e district of Paris, the agency Dietmar Feichtinger Architects develops a complex involving ten social housing and a convenience dressed in a metallic skin. Insertion both delicate and bold in the neighborhood makes it a remarkable building.

15.03.17  Cordoba: Cultural Centre

To celebrate the bicentennial of Argentine independence, the city of Cordoba has decided to build a large cultural center. Glued to Sarmiento Park, the monumental structure is a collaboration of architects Ivan Castaneda, Juan Salassa, Santiago Tissot, Alejandro Cohen, Cristian Nanzer and Inés Saal.