21.11.17  Folder Review: 03 Number

Mixing graphics, publishing and architecture, the annual magazine Pli questions these disciplines through transverse themes. After dealing with hypertextuality in 2015 and formats in 2016, she comes back this time with a new subject: conflict. Back on a gazette like no other.

20.11.17  M2.senos: Where is the toilet please?

Rehabilitate a toilet in a cemetery? Suffice to say that the mission entrusted to the Portuguese architects of M2.senos was only unpleasant. And yet, they have managed to transform the old imposing building into a discreet building perfectly integrated into the place of meditation.

17.11.17  Jean Nouvel workshops: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Jean Nouvel is no longer present. Designer of the Arab World Institute in Paris (5e) in 1982, the Cartier Foundation (14e) in 1994, or the Philharmonie de Paris (19e) two years ago, this museum lover delivers today the Louvre Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). An achievement located between sea and desert, conceived as a city entirely dedicated to art.

17.11.17  2 / 3 / 4 workshops: Slippers Park

On the former industrial wasteland of Chaussons à Gennevilliers (92), the 2 / 3 Ateliers 4 architecture and landscaping agency designs the Parc des Chaussons, in the heart of the Chandon-République eco-district. With its sinuous pavement splintered, the garden with an area of ​​6 500 square meters, offers its inhabitants a place conducive to fun and walking.

16.11.17  MVRDV : Tianjin Binhai Library

First stone of a huge cultural complex of 12 hectares, this huge library of 33 700 square meters was realized in Tianjin (China) by the Dutch agency MVRDV whose reputation is second to none. Comprising an auditorium and numerous study rooms, it houses more than 1,2 million books in an incredible space with rippling walls and ceilings.

15.11.17  Anik Péloquin Architect: The Sisters

The Sisters, designed by Anik Péloquin Architecte, consists of the extension of an old rural building recluse in the Quebec forest (Canada). Wood-clad, the building blends in its green environment despite a prominent roof with the air of steeple, which refers to the religious past of the site.

14.11.17  Dorte Mandrup: Center d'accueil de la mer des Wadden

Since last February, the Wadden Sea Visitor Center (Denmark) has been welcoming ornithologists and nature lovers. Produced on a UNESCO World Heritage site by a local child, Dorte Mandrup, this geometric, butted, geometric colossus, is governed by a key word: "respect", whether it be local architecture, landscape, fauna or flora.

13.11.17  PERIPHERALS Architects and Terreal: Residence and restaurant Coallia

Draped in her clothes of light, the social residence Coallia of the rue de Lorraine, in Paris (19e), offers a spectacle as striking as that of the sea whose color and sparkle change depending on the sky. Its terraced Terreal terracotta and terracotta shingles are a real surprise, revealing reflections alternately bluish or ivory metallized according to the moods of the time. An exceptional rendering ... despite strong architectural constraints.

10.11.17  ZAO / Standardarchitecture: Micro Hutong

What better playground for an organizer than the famous hutongs of Beijing (China), these traditional narrow and labyrinthine lanes that teem with activities? Zhang Ke, from the ZAO / Standardarchitecture group, is experimenting in one of these special neighborhoods, the paradoxical notions of intimacy and sharing, in a strange construction with salient volumes.

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