Bruno Gaudin et Virginie Bregal Architectes : Quadrilatère Richelieu

The Quadrangle Richelieu, "parent" of the National Library of France, brings together many prestigious collections. In the early 2000 years, the age of the building led to the unequivocal conclusion of the obsolescence of the site, its technical installations and safety of the public reception conditions of work and conservation of collections. In addition, although modified many times, the building had previously never been a comprehensive response, which led to shape and a very singular complexity to the library. Studies are undertaken in 2007 on the entire quadrilateral. The work undertaken since 2011 are organized in two phases, the first of which has just been completed.

At the end of the studies, it appeared that a major focus of its architectural style should be the redeployment of the distribution. The architects then defined new distributive principles in line with the major architectural ensembles that shape the geography of the site. For vertical circulations, the workshop Bruno Gaudin imagine a set of distributive columns coming irrigate "from top to bottom," the vast architectural yarrow. Stairs and elevators are then arranged to interfere in the interstices of the building, between the great room, without disturbing the unit. For horizontal circulations, the main challenge was the redefinition of public spaces accessible and clearer flow. Architects create two entries for a single hall: courtyard and garden. The lobby is then designed as a transverse space that connects the two banks of the Quadrilateral, hitherto disjointed, as well as two large reading rooms - the Oval Room (BNF) and Labrouste room (INHA) - the ground -from floor and the piano Nobile.
The renovation of the room Labrouste is entrusted to Jean François Lagneau, chief architect of historical monuments, which made the liveliness of the desired colors by the original architect while putting the room in standards, which are especially severe for this type of establishment. The central store, which it is not protected under the Historic Monuments, was the subject of a major security overhaul (fire stability of structures including cast iron) and functional, with the idea of ​​making this space a public reading room in the extension of the Labrouste room. In all six reading rooms within the perimeter of the 1 phase have been an architectural work adjusted their asset specificity. The work of compliance with standards adapt and architecturent well as spaces. They show or hide, carve the walls, ceilings, windows. New or installed in historic buildings, these rooms are still inspired by the spirit of the place.

Project title : Richelieu quadrilateral
place: Paris
Project ownership: Ministry of Culture and Communication, Ministry of Education
Mastery of work : Bruno Gaudin and Bregal Virginia Architects
Area : 68 000 2 m35 m000 SHON including 2 1 phase
Cost of works: 1 phase 70 800 M €
Calendar : Delivery stage 1 May 2016

Photos: Takuji Shimmura, Marchand & Meffre

The project is selected for ArchiDesignclub Awards 2017 in the category culture, restructuring / rehabilitation

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