Atelier Baptiste Legué : Chez Marie Sixtine

It took several months for the project to take shape: 5 meet at Charonne Street flagship store, a creative workshop, a showroom and confidential cocoon, open to guests of the house Marie Sistine.

A unique address in Paris, an apartment where the guests of the brand ready-to-wear Sistine Marie (preferred clients, journalists, personalities ...) can take refuge for the night, or part time one day a series of private appointments: knitting workshop, yoga studio, pop-up dinners, personal-shopping ... All these intimate events plus a concierge service sewn hand in place since 15 December date opening the place. Completely redesigned by Sandrine Place, both designer and artistic director of the project, and the interior designer Baptiste Legue, the apartment upsets codes smooth, combining absolute chic of a sequence and the unique soul of a "home". The shades of gray and muted Farrow & Bali, open kitchen terrazzo, New Scandinavian furniture, clawfoot tub ... A mix of styles and delicate materials, plus a selection of antiques and decorative accessories staged. Further, the room creates surprise, inviting to dream in a light cabin and curl up under a blanket mohair. Because at Marie Sistine, mesh sets the tone. As a nod to the DNA of the house, the Whole studio has even devised a pompoms wall to heat the living room while that Atelier Poulaillon sign a trompe l'oeil carpet and floral mural inspired by a tapestry Ancient. A gentle poetry that encourages cocooning.

Project title : Chez Marie Sistine
place: Paris
Project ownership: Marie Sistine
Mastery of work : Workshop Baptiste Legue
Area : 70 m2 premises
Cost of works: 100 000 € HT
Calendar : Delivery May 2016

Photographs: Hervé Goluza

The project is selected for ArchiDesignclub Awards 2017 in the interior category - offices, business spaces

To learn more, visit Website ArchiDesignclub and Workshop Baptiste Legue


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