Festen Architecture : Le Pigalle

In Paris, the young architect duo of Festen agency landscape Hotel Pigalle in an authentic and colorful spirit to the image of his neighborhood where are always mixed to thugs, artists, musicians and adventurers.

The Pigalle consists of a restaurant, bar and rooms 40 with strong identities. The architects have created an inspired interior of the new Athens, a neoclassical architectural ensemble created there by Constantine and Augustine Lapeyrière from 1819-1820, which settled many representatives of the Romantic movement including Eugène Delacroix, George Sand, Alexandre Dumas, Frederic Chopin, Victor Hugo, Pissarro, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and many others.

The new Athens represents a certain image of Pigalle, modern, shady, historic and mixed, the architects wanted to recreate here with a decoration that is so heavily loaded with raw materials as antique pieces, crossing styles and eras: windows windows with rounded shapes, floor terrazzo typical Parisian bars or leopard print and crimson, which are reminiscent of the well-known neighborhood activities.

Similarly, on the walls alongside works of arts, cartoons, posters and photographs denuded. The rooms are meant simple and comfortable, punctuated many domestic benchmarks as objects, memories or books that a friend could simply forget.

Project title : the Pigalle
place: Paris (75)
Project ownership: Perseus
Mastery of work : Festen Architecture
Area : NC
Cost of works:4 000 000 euros
Calendar : 2016

photographs: Benoit Linero

The project is selected for ArchiDesignclub Awards 2017 in the category Hospitality

To learn more, visit ArchiDesignclub the Awards site and Festen Architecture

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