Outdoor, urban space

27.01.17  Gustafson Porter + Bowman: New Ludgate

In London, the construction of office, was accompanied by an urban development project to open the heart of the plot to the public. Between the two buildings, a flaw, imagined as an alley is available to the public space and seems to direct entries. Its designers have worked on floors that offer exterior graphics transition to the project.

26.01.17  Forum for Urban Projects: Great Western

Since 2001, the Forum of Urban Projects is a key event that brings together over 1 700 65 people and projects at the convention center in Paris. What form does metropolisation in the urban area of ​​Nantes? What are the new areas development projects? How to fight against the social isolation? How to make attractive the metropolis and its territories? So many issues that Great West local actors attach ...

26.01.17  SPACES Architecture: Gateway to the Combe d'Ire

The footbridge designed by SPACES Architecture spans the Ire, the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges river in Haute Savoie. This naive construction, clear and raw wood assembly, seems delicately placed on the bed of the river, and touching its surface.

26.01.17  DMAU + Openfabric: Into the Wild

A project to build a playground in the heart of The Hague in the Netherlands was conducted by DMAU Openfabric and agencies. Nature, and the vegetation is literally at the heart of the project and in the heart of the plan. The bias reconstructs a real natural piece instead of just invite trees and plants to support its implementation, the nature premium.

21.07.16  Polyform: Täby Torg

In Sweden, the Danish agency Polyform offers the city of Täby a new downtown which it was until private. The architects imagine a meeting place and activity for locals who marks a new chapter for the town.

21.07.16  Headroom: Guitrancourt

The workshop Headroom landscape the central square of Guitrancourt, town 650 inhabitants in the Yvelines. Led by the landscape planner Maxime SAISSE, the agency created a homogeneous space where the church and the town hall, the pillars of local life, find their place.

21.07.16  16e Forum urban projects: The annual meeting of the actors of the City and Territory

Only platform independent and ongoing information on major ongoing operations to the French and European level, the Urban Projects Forum offers from 2001, a place of information and exchange of expertise and unique experiences on the theme of development. This year's edition 16e on Tuesday 15 November at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

21.07.16  H + N + S Landscape Architects: Buitenschot Park

A multidisciplinary team led by the agency H + N + S Landscape Architects has designed and built a park near the Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. The project, conceived as an invented topography and covered nature, reduces noise due to the presence of aircraft building on the landscape tools.

20.07.16  urban traits: Public Spaces reconquest

This summer, the Urban Traits magazine publishes a special public spaces. Both common good and belonging to no one, and possible passing places, dedicated to expressions, gatherings and contemplation; they are theaters urban vibrations: those anonymous and daily, and those shots of sometimes ancient splendor. Too long relegated to related subjects by planners and decision-makers, public spaces returned to the heart of concerns and attempt to reinvent both through traditional channels but also by most grotesque ways, become refuges creative passions. The summer issue of Urban Traits provides an update on the subject through many illustrated and commented projects.