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07.07.2016 matter design: Microtherme

Microtherme is a unique sauna. Designed by the studio design matter, it seems to wrap the body in the heart of organic walls covered with a concrete skin. Bent in the middle of a large wood crate suspended, it is accessible only through the bottom.

08.07.2014 h2o architects Crèche Sword of wood

In the heart of Paris, in the 5ème district, the architects h2o agency has delivered the planned extension and rehabilitation of the Sword wooden crib. Located in the heart of the block, the 24 seats of equipment is completed with a light and perforated extension mainly glazed to keep open prospects.

16.09.2014 I29 Interior Architects and VMX Architects: Office for MediaXplain

Media agency based in Amsterdam, has used MediaXplain I29 Interior Architects and VMX Architects to design and develop their new offices. Ideally located with a view of the old port of Amsterdam, the building opens to the outside with its façade made of glass panels.

19.11.2014 The Competition A 'Design Awards present its winners

Every year, the jury of A 'Design Awards rewards the best designers, architects and design studios throughout the world for their reward and offer fame and recognition. Organized internationally, this competition recognizes projects in 100 categories ranging from furniture design to industrial or architectural approach. The projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are rewarded Price A 'Design Awards.

22.03.2017 Sunshine PR: Ding Hui Yuan Zen & Tea Chamber

Sunshine PR architecture firm transformed an old factory from 1970 in a lounge teas, Ding Hui Yan Zen & Tea Chamber, located in the city of Beijing (China). Project managers are focusing their design project around meditation, traffic flows and the delimitation of spaces.

20.03.2017 Marcus Voraa: Roll-out table

For the Table Roll-out, the designer Marcus Voraa graduate of the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (Norway) questioned the concept of modularity and usability of this iconic piece of furniture.

14.03.2017 Brandon Clifford + Michael Schanbacher: Five Fields Play Structure

In the context of the development of life in the neighborhood of Five Field of the town of Lexington (USA), The Brandon Clifford architects Matter Design and Michael Schanbacher FR | SCH Projects designed a playground accessible to all, based on heart of a park. The infrastructure for children is an experimental laboratory and an inventive incubator.

13.03.2017 Encore Heureux: 507 Fab House

World Group Hutchinson asked the Paris branch Encore Heureux to renovate and rehabilitate the former industrial site based in Châlette-sur-Loing (45) in place of life in business and innovation: the 507 Fab House.

10.03.2017 Karawitz Marly House

Located in Marly-le-Roi town (78), the project Karawitz agency aims to reduce the border are often between public and private space in the suburban neighborhoods studded fences.