28.02.18  BIG: TIRPITZ

In Blåvand, on the west coast of Denmark, a mysterious cruciform fault took possession of the ground: the TIRPITZ museum, extension of the Vardenmuseerne, exhibition place of this seaside town, partially installed in a former German bunker of the Second World War. An original and surprising rehabilitation, signed by the young prodigy and child of the country, Bjarke Ingels, BIG agency.

15.09.17  GGA Architects: House in Urbino

Located on a hill overlooking the ancient fortified town of Urbino (Italy), the property built by the transalpine agency GGA Architects reinterprets the tradition by mixing typical coatings of the region and contemporary design.

09.01.17  CAB Architects Sports Complex Sam Joubij

Located at the tip of Nice beyond the highway and on the banks of the Paillon, Futsal Gymnasium Ariane arises link between the city and the river, between the artificial and nature. Implanted perpendicular to the street, it creates a visual axis that let slip the look and maintains the relationship between the hills and the rivers. Its monolithic volume raw concrete blends into the landscape, both by its minerality and operation adapted to the slope, the Nice architects used to work.

23.10.17  Compagnie O Architects: Topsportschool Antwerp

Fort VI, a former major military square in Antwerp, Belgium, today houses the Topsportschool, a high-level sports school designed by Compagnie O. The studio delivers a reinterpretation of defensive architecture. in which he confronts lightness and transparency of the glass with the massiveness of a concrete base.

27.06.17  Anonymous: Parking Vaisseau Mère

Following the cancellation of the surface parking lot of the Tour Bois le Prêtre in Paris (17e), which is destined to become a green space, the Parisian agency Anonymous was chosen to design an underground substitution of 3 000 square meters Which can accommodate more than 120 vehicles under the name of Mother Ships.

09.01.17  Fabien Geel: Gymnasium Chart

A white concrete block hollowed elegant vertical scarification is inscribed on a slope to the sensual curves near a school. It replaces the old gymnasium destroyed by fire.

05.10.17  Notan Office: Le 13e

The 13e, realized by the Belgian agency Notan Office, consists of the elevation of a level of a tower of housing of twelve stages. Overlooking the roofs of Beirut (Lebanon), the monolithic construction houses an apartment of 250 square meters with raw lines, perfectly integrated into the urban landscape of the Lebanese capital.

29.05.17  Rieder Smart Elements: öko

The öko skin slats of the brand Rieder Smart Elements, alliance of concrete and fiberglass, offers both individuals and professionals a durable and durable siding.

09.01.17  Berger & Berger: Lambert Foundation

The Lambert Collection in Avignon reopened after two years of expansion and rehabilitation works, and now extends over two mansions 18e century, presenting this entire collection of contemporary art. The architects Laurent Berger and Berger Cyril took care to create spaces tending towards neutrality, with strong materials such as white concrete with marble aggregate.

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