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28.07.17  Slash Objetcs : Coexist

Coexist is a collection of small furniture combining marble and brass for a result with lines that are noble, geometric and refined.

27.07.17  ORMA Architettura: A Casa Vanella

Located in the Corsican village of Casamaccioli, in the heart of the Niolo region, Casa Vanella is a bed and breakfast built into an exceptional mountain site, offering its residents a breathtaking view of the three famous mountains of the estate. Monte Cinto, Paglia Orba and Cima ai Mori.

26.07.17  François Doll: Il Cuoco Galante

For his new restaurant, Il Cuoco Galante, located in the 9e arrondissement of Paris, gastronomy enthusiast Philippe Baranes - who already has the Parisian addresses Dessance and Braisenville -, appeals to the interior designer François Doll. As a result 55 square meters place breathing craftsmanship, in which the kitchen is at the center of spatial design.

28.07.17  La Grande-Motte: Land of architecture

La Grande-Motte, chichi, darling, fritters? Certainly, but not that! Since 2010, after obtaining the label Heritage of the 20th century, the city located a few cables from Montpellier, long subject to sweet jokes such as "Sarcelle-sur-mer" or "La Grande-Moche", reborn from its ashes . A land of architecture to rediscover as soon as possible.

27.07.17  Studio GGSV: Gallery Party

To celebrate its 40 years, the Center Pompidou organizes a series of events throughout France and of course in its eponymous Parisian building. To do this, it gives carte blanche to the designers of the Parisian studio GGSV which reinvents the Children's Gallery located in the hall of the museum. The artists thus imagine Galerie Party, a total work, mixing design, architecture, audiovisual and games.

26.07.17  Studio Gang : Hive

Like all summers since 4 years, the National Building Museum of Washington (USA) organizes the Summer Block Party event, in which an ephemeral installation structure is installed in order to receive its cultural programming. On this occasion, the Studio Gang collective based in Chicago (USA) realizes Hive, a tripartite tubular structure with airs of futuristic hive.

28.07.17  SHAU: Microlibrary Bima

In order to address the problems of illiteracy in Indonesia and the exile of students to countries better equipped for educational infrastructure, the 100 Microlibraries program aims to make reading and libraries more accessible to disadvantaged populations. Built by the international architecture agency SHAU, Microlibrary Bima is the first of a long series to come.

27.07.17  Marietta Varga: Raw Hill

For his new series, Raw Hill, the Hungarian photographer Marietta Varga is interested in the brutalist architecture, style in vogue from 1950 to 1970 all over the world. The constructions of this movement are characterized by massive monoliths that the artist tries to soften in his cliches through synchronized choregraphies a bit obsolete and pastel shades.

26.07.17  SAMYN and PARTNERS: Fire Station

With its parabolic roof and icy façade, the work of the Dutch company SAMYN and PARTNERS made for the town of Houten (Netherlands) detonates in the universe of the traditional barracks. Designed to house six fire engines, the station offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the hangar usually used for this purpose.