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25.01.17  THPG, Duroplast: Chez Marie Sistine

Switches and sockets of Duroplast THPG were subtly placed in the Sistine project Marie. Molded ceramic and round, they fit best in chic and delicate environment of the apartment turned into a showroom. The switches and sockets feature a modern and discreet design that combines and blends with all interior styles.


25.01.17  Terreal, tile cladding: House Early Childhood Lieusaint

communal and hybrid project in its program, early childhood house evokes an unusual volume weaving a formal link between a residential area, the adjoining woods and the city center. Borrowing from the surrounding architectural landscape its gabled roofs, the project is adorned with terracotta tile manufacturer Terreal of: a cameo covers the roof and walls and thus accompanies its integration.


23.01.17  Lim + Lu: Mass Series

Lim + Lu, designers studio based in Hong Kong, imagine a series of furniture with pastel shades developing their lines around the daybed. Minimalist, the collection nevertheless implements almost iconic fine materials.

23.01.17  Victor Castanera: Balance Table Lamp

The intriguing design of Victor Castanera disorder perception of the user, the structure that appears to the first balanced approaches actually undid the laws of gravity.

23.01.17  Alain Gilles: W8

The acronym W8 is a nod to the set of weights of different materials that make up the table Alain Gilles and edited in line Roset. Meeting place between stability and instability, he plays on the apparent imbalance of the furniture structure.

23.01.17  Joseph Grapple: Mark'Style Tokyo

The Mark's Japanese brand opens first European concept store in Paris, whose design was entrusted to Joseph Grapple Studio.

23.01.17  Traffic (s): Festival of young European Photography

It is at home Centquatre has elected the festival of young European photography. Springboard for young photographers from 2011, and forward-looking, innovative laboratory of contemporary creativity, Traffic (s) offers a fresh perspective on Europe through photography. Its mission is to bring out the talents and create a network of European structures.

23.01.17  Patrick Arotcharen Architect: The Stilts

On the banks of an artificial lake in the middle of the Landes, the Stilt project settled on its banks and reshapes his drawing. Here the architecture wants tu nature and repair sometimes too blunt cuts lake is imposing in the middle. The dialogue draws a landscape of dunes crowned slender pines, the dredged sand is deposited bead on the periphery of the water in order to create small bays nesting bungalows of the hotel project.

23.01.17  Forum for Urban Projects: Great Western

Since 2001, the Forum of Urban Projects is a key event that brings together over 1 700 65 people and projects at the convention center in Paris. What form does metropolisation in the urban area of ​​Nantes? What are the new areas development projects? How to fight against the social isolation? How to make attractive the metropolis and its territories? So many issues that Great West local actors attach ...

23.01.17  Wienerberger, Terca Agora Super White: Pole dance and music

The agency Joly & Loiret graft a new volume to the building Lully Vauban-school group at Versailles. The extension wrapped bricks of cream produced by Wienerberger fits best into its urban environment while providing skin with the unique texture.