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27.02.18  Dialog Design: Edmonton Funicular

Officially named "100 Street Funicular and Frederick G. Todd Lookout," this Edmonton City infrastructure is the first of its kind in the country. An innovative set designed by the local architects of Dialog Design, which does not distort its green environment.

27.02.18  Brooks + Scarpa: Angle Lake Station

While our subway stations are not always the most attractive and often a mere transit point, the new Angle Lake train station in Seattle, USA, has been designed to be the opposite of this model by the agency. American Brooks + Scarpa. Behind a contemporary envelope in clear-sky it houses a multitude of programs ranging from the station to the event reception through the trade. A new center of life.

26.02.18  Jenny Nordberg : 3-5 Seconds Mirrors

Based in Malmö (Sweden), Jenny Nordberg explores the material and pushes it to its limits. Proof of this is its 3-5 Seconds Mirrors series, which features unique mirrors made in less than five seconds using chemical processes developed in the nineteenth century. A borrowing from the past for a resolutely contemporary rendering.

26.02.18  X + Living: Neobio Kids Restaurant

Between salad bars, cereals or even cats, all concepts emerging in this area seem to never consider children. A time now gone thanks to the Chinese studio X + Living, which designs a restaurant inspired by the imagination of the youngest in which they are free to have fun and dream.

23.02.18  Sean Scully: San Cristóbal

Designed in 1964 by the architect Luis Barragán, the villa Cuadra San Cristóbal (Mexico) is one of the wonders of the modernist movement present on this territory. It is between these brightly colored walls that the Irishman Sean Scully exhibits until March 24 his paintings and sculptures with chromatic expression just as marked as the house. Two different artistic practices that seemed to be made to be reunited.

23.02.18  Cabinet Still Life: The Round

In love with decoration, are you tired of your banal rectangular chairs? The Redonda Chair, the latest addition to the Spanish design and creation agency Bodegón Cabinet, has a rounded shape and plays with our spatial perceptions.

22.02.18  Muji: Maison en kit

Living in an inexpensive home without making concessions on its location or originality, a challenge? Requirements almost impossible to satisfy that Muji has managed to satisfy thanks to Hut, a system of small ecological houses kit, to install wherever you want.

22.02.18  Event: Tile of Spain Awards

During the Cevisama Ceramics Fair held each year in Valencia (Spain), the sixteenth Tile of Spain Awards Ceremony organized by ASCER - the Spanish Association of Tile and Paving Manufacturers in Ceramics - was held to promote the use of this material in construction. An opportunity to highlight the exceptional architectural production of the Iberian Peninsula.

21.02.18  Forma6: High School

In the hinterland of Nantes, a new class of students has returned to Carquefou High School (44). Despite its large capacity of 900 places, expandable to 1 000, the designers of the agency forma6, offer its users a human-sized establishment through an architectural reinterpretation of the hedge bocage.

21.02.18  Stone Designs: Yakiniku Rikyu

In Madrid (Spain), the local agency Stone Designs realizes the interior design of the Japanese barbecue restaurant Yakiniku Rikyu. Between steel and wood, the place plunges its visitors into an atmosphere that is both raw and warm.

20.02.18  Event: Domestic pools

Until the 18 next March, the swimming pool, essential element of our summers, sign of wealth but also of well-being, is put in the spotlight at the Villa Noailles de Hyères (83) in a photographic route. From Adolf Loos to Philippe Rahm, return to this element that has always fascinated its users as its designers.

20.02.18  Rockpanel: 44 new colors in the service of architecture

Helen de Leur, color specialist, worked with Rockpanel, in collaboration with architect Heide Hinterthür, to expand the brand's color range. The two designers explain how, after having developed the first hundred shades of this specialist of facades and roofing elements ten years ago, they created a new color chart, as new as it is inspiring. Interview.

19.02.18  Aires Mateus: Faculty of Tournai

In Tournai (Belgium), in the heart of an islet composed of old industrial and hospital buildings of the eighteenth century, is an intriguing sculptural volume all white trimmed. A minimalist achievement signed by the Portuguese agency Aires Mateus hosting the new Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Catholic University of Louvain formerly located on the campus of the Institution Saint-Luc.

19.02.18  Studio Vincent Eschalier: KANOUN

At the 98 number on rue de Charonne in Paris (11e), architect Vincent Eschalier imagines the KANOUN tea room. A pastel setting, warm and friendly that rewards the taste buds as the eyes.

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