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26.01.17  3A Composites ALUCOBOND®: Campus Jourdan

ALUCOBOND® More dresses the vertical panels on the facade of the Campus Jourdan. Its smooth, silvery surface reflects light differently depending on the angle of the panels, creating a textured and light assembly. The coating also allows the building to fit better into its environment.


26.01.17  3A Composites ALUCOBOND®: The Dunes

The panels ALUCOBOND® Manufacturer 3A Composite, adorn the facades of the building designed by architect Anne Demians. Allied with wooden panels composed of full and empty, they both offer a set of transparency and light that give life to the building. Their silvery color and flexibility provide an organic nature to architecture.


26.01.17  3A Composites ALUCOBOND®: Chai Château Haut-Brion Carmes

The architect Luc Arsène-Henry and Philippe Starck, favored industrial materials to place the wine in the heart of the project. They used the ALUCOBOND® coating to dress the new Chai du Château. This composite material is separated by an air gap of 15 cm from the concrete wall. ALUCOBOND® will act as a thermal shield, chimney by air flow removing toxic gases, mirror the surrounding vegetation. Lining panels with their perfect flatness, is the preferred way to perfectly follow the line of the building.


26.01.17  Terreal, Piterak® Slim: The Arbrasève

Intergenerational pole of Arbrasève, imagined and created by the agency Morris Architects & Renaud and Nicolas Mayeur, groups within the same architectural project a series of senior housing and a childhood home. United under one roof with colorful skylights, walls are adorned with a manufacturer Terreal terracotta cladding.


25.01.17  THPG, Duroplast: Pigalle

The plugs and switches Duroplast THPG manufacturer become true decorative objects within the Hotel Pigalle. They fit entirely in the neo-classical atmosphere of the place. Molded ceramic and round, sockets and switches appear as delicate objects that associate with all interior styles.


25.01.17  THPG, Duroplast: Chez Marie Sistine

Switches and sockets of Duroplast THPG were subtly placed in the Sistine project Marie. Molded ceramic and round, they fit best in chic and delicate environment of the apartment turned into a showroom. The switches and sockets feature a modern and discreet design that combines and blends with all interior styles.


25.01.17  Terreal, tile cladding: House Early Childhood Lieusaint

communal and hybrid project in its program, early childhood house evokes an unusual volume weaving a formal link between a residential area, the adjoining woods and the city center. Borrowing from the surrounding architectural landscape its gabled roofs, the project is adorned with terracotta tile manufacturer Terreal of: a cameo covers the roof and walls and thus accompanies its integration.


23.01.17  Lim + Lu: Mass Series

Lim + Lu, designers studio based in Hong Kong, imagine a series of furniture with pastel shades developing their lines around the daybed. Minimalist, the collection nevertheless implements almost iconic fine materials.

23.01.17  Victor Castanera: Balance Table Lamp

The intriguing design of Victor Castanera disorder perception of the user, the structure that appears to the first balanced approaches actually undid the laws of gravity.

23.01.17  Alain Gilles: W8

The acronym W8 is a nod to the set of weights of different materials that make up the table Alain Gilles and edited in line Roset. Meeting place between stability and instability, he plays on the apparent imbalance of the furniture structure.

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