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15.02.17  Studio Dessuant Bone: The Day Bed

After a guest appearance at the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, Studio Dessuant Bone presents a new collection in collaboration with the company Allaert Aluminium: Industrial Art. The Day Bed combines glass to aluminum for a frank and minimalist outcome.

14.02.17  Lucas Zimmermann: Traffic Lights

German photographer Lucas Zimmermann pushes the limits of the vision of man through his photographic work. Night at the intersection of two desert roads he directed traffic lights and reveals the scope of light materializing its beams.

14.02.17  Branch Studio Architects: Balnarring retreat

Adaptability and flexibility are key words Balnarring Retreat masters project designed by Studio Architects Branch for an Australian particular. Located a few kilometers from Melbourne, the studio was designed as a retreat space for modular and versatile interior structure.

13.02.17  Gardens, Garden: Call for Projects

The 14e edition of Gardens, Garden remains the reference event, dedicated to experimental innovations and projects for urban landscape and exterior design. The event offers designers, architects and landscape architects from all backgrounds to compete in a selection of exterior design prototypes.

13.02.17  Bar Gantz: Wood bending

The designer of Israeli origin, Bar Gantz, has designed a collection of furniture made entirely from wood curved with a process using heat and steam. This gives it an air and organic design that comes in different furniture. The angles are absorbed into the wood waves carefully designed by the designer.

13.02.17  Chiharu Shiota: Where Are We Going

For the first time Chiharu Shiota uses the color white to weave his son facility that mingle and intertwine in the manner of a delicate air network. On the occasion of a carte blanche, the Japanese artist has suspended his poetry and his universe under the large windows of the Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

13.02.17  Helsinki's Aalto University: Under Bar Himmel

This year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair Aalto University of Helsinki presented a series of chairs conceived and developed by students from one medium: steel rods. They assemble cross and offer structures and geometric foundations.

10.02.17  Emilio Marin + Juan Carlos Lopez: CID

In Chile, in the region of Antofagasta in the middle of a desert deemed to be the driest in the world, operates an interpretive center for the tourist interested in this unique territory. The architecture offered in this project was designed in direct response to the landscape: its many slopes, its monochrome textured surface reliefs refer to neighbors and surrounding hues.

10.02.17  Douglas Gordon & Morgane Tschiember: As close as you can for as long as it lasts

In the framework of the exhibition 1049 elevation: avalanche organized by the LUMA Foundation in the town of Gstaad in Switzerland, Douglas Gordon & Morgane Tschiember wore an interrogator and artistic look on the natural disaster. Both artists land art have built their reflection in the form of call and response on the side of the Alpine landscape of Gstaad. Their collaborative work is part of 11 creations presented by other artists as part of the winter exhibition.

09.02.17  Bomma: Contemporay Design Meets Brutalist Architecture

The Czech glass factory Bomma revealed its new collection of lighting modeled by six local designers during a show in their embassy in Berlin. Just like its name: Contemporay Design Meets Brutalist Architecture, the exhibition organizing the meeting between the collection that mixes traditional design and new technologies to the brutalist building conceptualized by Vladimir and Vera Machonin in 1970.

08.02.17  Samara + Go Hasegawa and Associates: Yoshino Cedar House

Dressed all in wood, cottage designed by Samara Go Hasegawa and Associates was originally created to be presented at the Vision show House of Tokyo before being implanted permanently in the Yoshino area.

08.02.17  Guillermo Santoma Casa Horta

Casa Horta became the residence of the Spanish young designer Guillermo Santoma, where colors become mistresses like a Fauvist work.

07.02.17  Laurent Rosset: The sky is flat

In the manner of a surrealist artist and architect Laurent Rosset, expresses his thoughts in the absence of any control of reason. The artist uses photography to assert its almost dreamlike world where heaven and earth merge and come together to form a single entity.

07.02.17  Woodlabo: Conquest of space

design studio from Finland, but now based in France has designed a series of lights on the subject of the fold. Their creations, made from plywood, are all suspended and modular.