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30.01.17  Silvio Rauseo + Jouin Manku: The Spa des Saules

Silvio Rauseo and Jouin Manku had carte blanche to develop the luxury Hotel des Berges spa character calm, isolated in the Alsatian countryside. Conceived as a parenthesis in time, the Spa des Saules is designed around the properties of water and willow leaf.

30.01.17  The Design Biennial of Saint Etienne: Working Promise

10e for this edition, the Biennale of St. Etienne design examines changes in work through design and its become effective. How to improve the work, make it more enjoyable, more intelligent? While dealing with the proliferation of new technologies and social tensions?

30.01.17  Fujiwaramuro Architects: House in Mukainada

Link between outside and inside, and how to build the extension of one in the other, these were the issues raised by the project architects of the House in Mukainada. The house on one level seems at first sight classical and four facades are orthogonal. On the ground, its designers have registered a circle passing through the walls of the house and receiving trade with the garden.

30.01.17  Selencky Parsons: Unit 3 Studio

The small agency of London architecture Selencky Parsons recently completed the renovation of its new premises. The project located on the ground floor of a small building covers its interior coated cork pierced with holes in which fit together grilles shelves with wooden sticks.

30.01.17  Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg Lanisor

A group of students of the German school Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg presented a collection of furniture leverages technical and aesthetic characteristics of a composite felt. Completed minimalist wooden structures, felt bends and comes in several furniture.

30.01.17  Bernhard Osann: Neo Light

German designer Bernhard Osann created from a steel rod that bends in a delicate motion lamp resting at the push against a wall. Lamp, light, can be rotated and oriented RÉANT and different effects.

30.01.17  A 100 associates: B'house

black brick and white brick and adorn the two houses designed by the South Korean agency A 100 associate. Related formally, they house a couple of city dwellers and their relatives came to find peace and serenity in the heart of the village of Namyangju-si.

27.01.17  urban traits: what Planners (s) work (s)?

Urbanist what (s) work (s)? Is the theme generously covered by the record of the next urban features magazine. The folder including return on a planning change that must adapt and acclimatize to the end of a growth company. The recipes are probably in a version of the discipline where project efficiency becomes paramount and where the public interest is spearheading.

26.01.17  SPACES Architecture: Gateway to the Combe d'Ire

The footbridge designed by SPACES Architecture spans the Ire, the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges river in Haute Savoie. This naive construction, clear and raw wood assembly, seems delicately placed on the bed of the river, and touching its surface.

26.01.17  3A Composites ALUCOBOND®: Hemera Tour

The architect Berranger Vincent chose A2 ALUCOBOND® panels to wrap the Hemera turn. This metal skin reflects the environment outside of the building which is moving and changing the son of hours of the day. The reflective surface can also lighten the imposing structure of the tower and fully integrate the neighborhood.



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