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25.07.17  Studio Pool + Joran Briand & Associates + Eli Gutierrez: Variation around volumes and materials

For the launch of its three new models of bathroom furniture - Arronde, Evane and Irrésistible -, the French company specialized in interior design, Lapeyre, invites three designers to reinterpret volumes and materials of this typology, starting from Products already available in the brand catalog.

25.07.17  Arcgency: The Krane

A mysterious black parallelepiped sits above the port of Nordhavn in Copenhagen (Denmark). Fruit of the rehabilitation of containers, this volume positioned at the end of an old coal crane hides a house of 50 square meters. It is the work of the architecture agency specialized in this type of industrial diversion: Arcgency.

24.07.17  Waterform Design: Molecure Pharmacy

Designed by the Chinese studio Waterform Design, the Molecure pharmacy - a contraction of "molecule" and "cure" - tends to modify the image of the traditional apothecary by enrolling in a contemporary architectural environment.

24.07.17  Christ & Gantenbein: Swiss National Museum

The National Museum of Switzerland, built in 1898 by Gustav Gull in Zurich, is now equipped with a new wing, designed this time by the Christ & Gantenbein agency based in Basel. The annex is characterized by its geometric and monolithic aspect in contrast to the neo-classical architecture of the original building.

21.07.17  Atelier du Pont: Shack at Cap Ferret

Inspired by the architecture of Cap Ferret (33), the Atelier du Pont realizes a holiday home made up of small cabins reinterpreting the vernacular constructions, for a better integration. A haven of peace in the heart of a pine forest of arbutus trees, yuccas and pines.

21.07.17  Ill-Studio: Playground Pigalle Duperré

Stitched between three buildings of 9e arrondissement of Paris, the Playground Pigalle Duperré offers a facelift. In charge of this vitamin project: the basketball fan, and creator of the ready-to-wear Pigalle brand, Stéphane Ashpool, who organizes a tournament every year and convinces the mayor of the well-being of the conservation of this hollow tooth.

21.07.17  & '[Emmi Keskisarja & Janne Teräsvirta & Company Architects]: Y

In Seurasaari, an island entirely dedicated to outdoor exhibitions, a team of architects and carpenters, in collaboration with the National Museum of Finland, installs a temporary wooden structure soberly labeled Y.

20.07.17  Marta Minuji: Parthenon of Books

The Argentinean artist Marta Minujin, iconic figure of South American pop-art, installs, as part of the XIXUMX dOCUMENTA, last edition of the famous five-year contemporary art, a replica of the Athenian Parthenon made up of censored and burned books By the Nazis during the Second World War.

20.07.17  BIG: TIRPITZ

In Blåvand, on the western coast of Denmark, a mysterious cruciform fault took possession of the ground: the TIRPITZ museum, extension of the Vardenmuseerne, exhibition site of the city, partially installed in a former German bunker of the Second World War. An original and surprising rehabilitation, signed by the young prodigy and child of the country, Bjarke Ingels, of the agency BIG.

20.07.17  Fred Mortagne: Catching the Flight

Although skateboarding is a practice of American origin, France has managed to impose itself in the field, thanks to figures such as Fred Mortagne, director, photographer, artist and skater. To share his love of the discipline, he published a collection of photographs entitled Catching the Flight.

20.07.17  Young Talents: 2017 Architectural Festival

This year, the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier (34) presented twelve art installations and a pavilion created by the local studio ØNA Architecture. With its 16 000 visitors, the event combining architecture and vernacular heritage allows the general public to discover the works of young promising artists. Return on this event, whose achievements approach in a poetic way the theme of emotions.

19.07.17  Bennetts Associates: Storyhouse

The London-based architectural firm Bennetts Associates rehabilitates and expands the 1930 theater of the Odeon theater in Chester (United Kingdom) and transforms it into a 7 000 cultural complex comprising a performance hall, a studio A cinema, a library, a café and a bar.

19.07.17  Bower : Contour Side Tables

Based in New York (USA), designers Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi founded the Bower studio in 2013. Their credo: create objects as poetic as they are functional. The modular and geometric Contour Side Tables offer many layering possibilities through which designers explore games and light effects.

19.07.17  Aalto University Wood: A • Lava

At the initiative of some twenty students from the Aalto University Wood Program, the A • Lava Pavilion was installed in the courtyard of the Annantalo Art Center in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, . The temporary structure is intended to host various performances during the next five years.

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