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07.02.17  Bruno Dias: Moinho das Fragas

Between two towering cliffs had implanted a stone house near the brook. The place is located in Portugal, at the foot of the rocks of São Simão. The project by architect Bruno Dias is implanted in the heart of the thick walls of an old water mill, and turns it into a small apartment.

07.02.17  Saguez & Partners: Design Manufacture

The layout of the new premises of the Saguez & Partners agency was an opportunity for the group to synthesize the issues of living together sustainable and rational use of space within the offices. Communication is at the heart of development, everything has been planned and designed to facilitate trade. The result is an open space where the investments of employees remain free and non-allocated offices.

06.02.17  Snarkitecture: Drip Light

Snarkitecture imagined a lamp combining a light bulb and a candle placed over a glass capsule. A poetic approach around the light where the wax flows and is deposited to cover the lamp. The room is living and evolving behind the wax light is growing dim and diffuse.

06.02.17  Rasmus Warberg: Mido

Supported by a tubular steel frame, the buffet Mido was designed by the Danish designer Rasmus Warberg. The heart of the furniture seems suspended and the effect is amplified by the contrast between the details of the woodwork and the minimalism of its base structure.

06.02.17  Laurent Gourier: Beau-Pain

The designer Laurent Gourier recently launched its own furniture brand: VYRILE. It is inspired by fine materials and raw left. One of the first tests concerning a chair marrying a tubular steel with a beech seat design. The result is minimalist and authentic.

06.02.17  Jun Igarashi: Bent house of Oasa

The house is composed of a series of wooden boxes located at different angles. The proliferation of facades ensures optimal indoor penetration of natural light in the heart of the project. The name Bent house comes from its irregular plan that twists and folds along a plot in a residential area of ​​the Japanese city of Oasa.

06.02.17  Studio Acht: Lookout Hill Fatuv

The Czech agency Studio Acht has made an observation tower on the mountain for the ski resort town of Velké Meziříčí. The design of the tower is due to structural optimization desired by its designers influenced by their work in parametric design.

03.02.17  Poggi + More Architecture : White Clouds

How to materialize a cloud? The combination of Poggi More agencies and gives life to the White Clouds, 3 buildings designed along the lines of atmospheric lexical field. Wrapped volumes diaphanous texture, silhouette entities result from a stack of white blocks recalling the hazardous forms clouds.

01.02.17  Gue: Playground

The Sicilian artist Gue participated in the renovation project of Carlo Carra park hired by the Italian town of Alessandria. The basketball court has become the playgrounds of the street artist who let his imagination run along the new Playground.

31.01.17  Marc Fornes & The Very Many Studio: Under Magnitude

Suspended in the center of the palace of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the complex curvilinear installation Marc Fornes and his studio The Very Many, deploys its network of tubular and tree limbs. The perforated aluminum structure consists of a huge chain Y-branches that join in the manner of an organic fabric whose fibers intertwine and mingle in no apparent order.

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