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11.10.17  Rever & Drage Architects: Kvåsfossen

Although Norway is well known for its salmon production, they are fascinating beyond the Christmas period! In Kvåsfossen (Norway), local architects Rever & Drage have designed a cliff-side exhibition space, welcoming curious people who want to see fish in their environment.

10.10.17  Vincenzo Cangemi Architects: Hydroelectric power station

On a plain bordering the river Ragn d'Err (Switzerland), stands a strange wooden box of 265 square meters. Far from containing mysteries, the structure set up by the local Vincenzo Cangemi Architects agency is actually a discrete hydroelectric power station, perfectly integrated into the Alpine landscape.

10.10.17  Luis Aguilera: Thalassophilus

Winter is coming! Ouf, thanks to the work of the Venezuelan photographer Luis Aguilera, we are back in summer! Using a drone, the artist flies over the white sand of South Beach Beach in Miami (USA), capturing unique snapshots of Florida's overcrowded seashore.

09.10.17  VPANG / JET / Lisa Cheung: M + Pavilion

In 2019 will open the M + Museum of Hong Kong (China), dedicated to visual art. The M + Pavilion, designed by VPANG, JET and Lisa Cheung, is the first stone in the building of this future cultural zone. Laureates of the contest launched in 2013 by the Municipality, the architects imagine a tripartite building reflecting the surrounding landscape.

09.10.17  Event: Open Houses of the Ordre des architectes

The 13 and 14 October, under the leadership of the Ordre des architectes, several hundred agencies will open their doors to the public in the whole of France. The opportunity for the players of the discipline to expose all their creativity and to convince of the need to call on their services but especially their know-how.

09.10.17  Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect: Chai

In the heart of the Côtes de Provence, between pines, vineyards and mountains, lies the new winery Ott estate, realized by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt. An architecture that, beyond its vernacular references, intervenes in the process of vinification itself.

06.10.17  Studio 5.5: Collector's box Campari

Amateur of spirits, you are tired of enjoying an aperitif from a bland bottle, poured tirelessly in the same colorless glasses? Against this, the French of Studio 5.5 and Campari team up and produce a service consisting of two glasses and a carafe, as scarlet as Italian alcohol.

06.10.17  Cun Design: SERIP Showroom

In Beijing (China), the agency Cun Design conceives a unique 430 showroom square in contrasts, like the lamps of the Portuguese SERIP brand that the venue exhibits.

06.10.17  Pezo von Ellrichshausen & Felice Varini: Hall for Hull, with "Three Points of View"

To all lovers of Felice Varini's work, rush to Trinity Square Park, located in the old town of Hull (United Kingdom), where the Swiss artist has teamed up with Chilean architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen realization of a temporary structure entitled A Hall for Hull, with "Three Points of View".

05.10.17  Event: KM3

On the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal (Canada), the Quartier des spectacles comes alive with the KM3 event, pronounced "cubic kilometers", an artistic journey bringing together visual and digital arts, interactive design, fashion , dance or architecture.

05.10.17  Notan Office: Le 13e

The 13e, realized by the Belgian agency Notan Office, consists of the elevation of a level of a tower of housing of twelve stages. Overlooking the roofs of Beirut (Lebanon), the monolithic construction houses an apartment of 250 square meters with raw lines, perfectly integrated into the urban landscape of the Lebanese capital.

05.10.17  CannonDesign + NINE architects: CHUM

The largest healthcare facility in North America, the University Hospital Center of Montreal, Canada, CHUM, is opening its doors. The result of the collaboration of the American architecture and engineering firm CannonDesign with the Canadian agency NEUF architect (s), it is a place of great scope mixing programmatic challenge and humanist approach.

04.10.17  Nathalie du Pasquier: From Time to Time

Former member of the Memphis Group, Nathalie du Pasquier no longer limits her artistic production to the field of design. The Pace Gallery in London (England) thus devoted this summer an exhibition to his new career, that of painter, with the presentation of works inscribed in the continuity of his previous works: structured, colored, and completely barred!

04.10.17  David Svensson: Life Line

In Stockholm, Sweden, local artist and designer David Svensson installs Life Line in the Odenplan metro station. A luminous work inspired by electrocardiograms, and more broadly by life, which questions the role of the railway network in the activity and dynamism of the city.

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