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04.10.09  House Uc

In a narrow plot of Tokyo, the agency Miyahara Architect Office has slipped this house fine and slender. Any length.

04.10.09  Dutch Profiles

Discover Dutch Profiles, a video site dedicated to architects, designers and Dutch designers. A panoramic look at and inspiring contemporary creation.

03.10.09  Aesthetics of destruction

Playing with volumes and architectural elements broken or torn, the German artist Sebastian Wickeroth draws very personal contours of an aesthetic of destruction.

03.10.09  cardboard wave

Discover the counter in the art gallery and Edward Cella architecture in Los Angeles, a counter made of carved and stacked corrugated plates.

02.10.09  An LED facade

Developed by German researchers, the prototype concrete facade incorporates LEDs. And the surface becomes architectural media.

02.10.09  modern basin

Moon is a spherical bathroom basin with modern and minimal lines. Chic and classic.

01.10.09  Village Bookstore

In Sao Paulo, architect Isay Weinfeld the transformed a house in bookstores, offering a stunning façade made of mobile libraries swivel.

01.10.09  Ikea catalog vintage

Discovered Sara's blog, these photographs of the 1965 edition of the Ikea catalog. A historical look at the production of furniture giant founded in 1943.

01.10.09  Moss House

Renovated by the Japanese architecture firm Nendo, this house surprises with its walls covered with arabesques of dried moss.

30.09.09  House FU-1

With this family house of white concrete, the Japanese architect Akiya Matakao experimenting folding and proposes a minimum and Modernist writing.

30.09.09  Folded Photographs

The London artist Abigail Reynolds makes us discover his series "Folded Photographs", photographs of the same area taken at different times, stacked, cut and folded.

30.09.09  Madrid highlighted

In 2009 edition of Madrid's White Night, the 19 September Luzinterruptus invested the street and turned away urban lighting. public privacy.

29.09.09  Décor

Noticed at the British Design Awards 2009, the artist Charlotte Mann londonnienne sign this original mural creation. Marker.

29.09.09  Cirrus bench

Designed by Zaha Hadid for the Lois & Richard Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, the sculptural bench Cirrus renews the genre and function.

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