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10.06.09  The Cubic Anders Nørgaard of

With this range midway between classic fireplace and furniture, the Danish architect Anders Nørgaard intends to offer more than just homes.

09.06.09  Cave Bears by Paul Coudamy

The architect has just delivered to Paris amazing offices for a company specializing in internet hosting. In total contrast, a low tech cave made of recycled wood pieces.

08.06.09  A modular wall and suspended

Imagined by Moorhead & Moorhead architecture agency, this system of metal panels can create personalized wall hanging and permeable.

05.06.09  Between mobile home and camping car

A group of Japanese friends began construction of his own motorhome from an old commercial vehicle. A clever Convertible van into 2 storey house.

04.06.09  Build in aluminum foil

For this low-cost construction operation, the architects of Heatherwick Studio have designed a cladding made of a simple metal baking paper reinforced foam injected. Technically efficient and plastically surprising.

03.06.09  Selective Insulation Davidson Rafailidis

interior design project of artists' studios, "Selective Insulation" shows original thinking on the thermal and shows how it can affect the spatial and uses of a building.

02.06.09  Genetic Stair by Caliper Studio

Designed for a duplex in Manhattan by Caliper Studio, the "Genetic Stair" is a spectacular metal staircase, at the intersection of engineering and sculpture.

01.06.09  Firewood

Proposed by the Italian manufacturer Eurowood, Series I-Radium is a stunning range of wood heaters. An original alternative to traditional heating solutions.

29.05.09  "Portraits from Above ': the city on the city

During 6 months, the Canadian architect Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham German photographer studied slums built at the tops of buildings Hong Kong. In Hamburg, the Kunsthaus hosts their exhibition "Portraits from Above" and present their sketches and photographs of study.

28.05.09  disturb me

Behind this is unusual invitation interactive installation done hiding in a Brussels hotel room by the design studio "The Popcorn Makers". A light projection system whose colors and patterns change according to noise ambients.

27.05.09  Mehrzeller the caravan unfolds in pictures

Presented a few months ago in Muuuz, the caravan "Mehrzeller" is a fully customizable custom trailer. We offer you today to discover the first exterior and interior photos.

26.05.09  Lego boxes "Frank Lloyd Wright"

In association with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Lego has announced 2 new working models in its range "Architecture": a replica of the house "Fallingwater" and that of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

25.05.09  Canali, a tap towel

Modular in design, "Canali" allows creating taps with multiple and varied forms as this amazing beak towel.

22.05.09  Tilt-Shift Your Photos with a few clicks

To discover a website that allows you to create your photos "Tilt-Shift" just and free. or how to give your shots airs photos of models in an instant.

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