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20.01.10  Rebellious Cabinet by Studio Oooms

Rebels, the drawers of the dresser can not be closed simultaneously. When the user closes one, the one next door gapes. To open a closed drawer, so just close neighbor. Shifted.

20.01.10  house extension Suurupi

In this village of Estonia, Muru & Pere architecture firm conducted the extension of a single house. Made of small pieces of wood intermixed, the skin of the first floor and wonder reminiscent of the chair "Favela" the Campana brothers.

20.01.10  Curl by Brent Sommerhäuser

The American artist Brent Sommerhäuser puts soil in motion with this installation. A waffle made of slats sprung floors.

19.01.10  Apartment in Kensington

The London agency Hogarth Architects sign the renovation of this Kensington apartment. In the open space fits a strange wooden structure, traditional and contemporary at once.

19.01.10  Metrobowl Frederick Roijé

Dutch designer reproduces plans of cities of Amsterdam and New York to scale 1 / 1000 to create these aluminum containers.

19.01.10  Exterior de Wever & Ducre

Focus on a few outside lighting to models of the Belgian manufacturer Wever & Ducre. Sculptural creations with a strong identity for landscaping or urban development.

18.01.10  Outpost by Tom Kundig

Outpost opens on the desert landscape of Idaho. A workshop house built by Tom Kundig for the artist and designer Jan McFarland Cox. Into the wild.

18.01.10  House in Santarem

In Portugal, the architect Nuno Alexandre Piedade conducted the house bare concrete. Placed on the ground, between monolith and complex volume.

18.01.10  Hanging storage Bookwave

Both furniture and bulkhead, hanging storage of felt it taking shape and deforms according to his use. A flexible and changing Mehtap creating Obuz for Ilio.

15.01.10  Nevroz by Yann Lestrat

"Nevroz" Bakelite is a level created by French artist Yann Lestrat. Spherical, the precision tool is in perpetual imbalance, measured object impossible and surreal, between everyday objects and sculpture.

15.01.10  Plastic Bag Lamp

Envisioned by Model_Bananova and presented on the LED-Emotionalize site, this concept of hanging lamp is inspired by the shape of a plastic bag.

15.01.10  Music School of Lisbon

Designed by Portuguese architect Joao Luis Carrilho da Graça, the Lisbon School of Music is revealed through the lens of Fernando Guerra.

14.01.10  Hill Hut by Visiondivision

South of Stockholm, the studio Visiondivision made this extension of a family house. An area dedicated to children, and living space game where exterior and interior intertwine.

14.01.10  Garden house by Piet Hein Eek

A Hilversum in the Netherlands, Piet Hein Eek designed this cottage garden. Hermitage and music studio, it seems dug in a woodpile.

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