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28.07.08  Guerilla Marketing and Architecture

The facades of the Hotel Intercontinental Century City in Los Angeles are currently the scene of a projection of the artist Kime Buzzelli. The floors of 17 turns into a giant screen to show visible from the beach in Santa Monica to Century City.

28.07.08  Call with your spirit level

Or vice versa ... Thanks to A-Level PosiMotion, turn your iphone or ipod touch in spirit level ... A small program that could be quite useful to architects.

26.07.08  Upside down

As part of the Biennale of Visual Arts in Liverpool, Richard Wilson intervenes in the center of the city. With his creation "Turning the place over" a facade fragment rotates 360 ° under the gaze of passersby.

25.07.08  3D models: the screen to reality

The Dutch company Shapeways proposes to create actual models of your projects from your 3D models. Accessible online service and cost ...

24.07.08  Design and Pop Culture

Discover the work of John Nouasening young French designer. An overview of its projects which invites us to reflect on popular culture for inspiration.

24.07.08  Nanotechnology: Towards invisible structures

Leaving the world of electronics, nanotechnology suggests incredible opportunities. Some scientific research in progress in the field may well change our immediate environment in the coming years.

23.07.08  Praise of Shadow

Located in the historic center of Florence, Gallery Hotel Art is the setting for various exhibitions. If this "Design Hotel" very chic spot transalpine art is central to the experience of its visitors, the show begins outside. The sign itself caused a sensation,

23.07.08  Swiss folds

The 20 July in Lausanne was held the inauguration of the temporary chapel of deaconesses of Saint-Loup. A collaboration between researchers and architects, the structure of this place of worship is directly inspired by the art of origami.

22.07.08  Free Solar Equipment

A graduate of HEC, a former banker and consultant in the energy field, Thierry Lepercq today is at the head of Sun Direct, the first French operator dedicated electricity with solar energy. Created in 2006, his company offers owners to equip their free roof and solar panels and produces energy it sells directly to EDF.

21.07.08  The Top 50 architects as Wallpaper

Every year, the magazine Wallpaper team sifts the fine architecture of the global flower to give us its reasoned selection. In this year 2008, the trendy British magazine offers us