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04.05.17  Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP: Sayama Forest Chapel

The Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura erects majestic multifaith chapel in the heart of a forest in the outskirts of Tokyo. The temple with uncluttered structure and while height is next to the cemetery in Sayama, where the contractor has designed a building to accommodate mourners.

03.05.17  IROJE KHM Architects: The Flying House

Inspired by aviation and traditional Korean houses, Flying House (or Pilot's House), designed by the studio IROJE KHM Architects, defies all conventions. The designer has created this house of 195 square meters so that its owner, driver by profession, can stay in weightlessness, even after back down to earth.

03.05.17  Ingo Maurer & Theo Möller: Blow Me Up

The designer Theo Möller book an inflatable, flexible lamp straight from Germany: an interesting project in its design but also its use.

02.05.17  Patrick Nadeau: Hanami Louisiana

The house fittings and THG bathrooms set in its Paris showroom vegetable work Hanami Louisiana French designer Patrick Nadeau, inspired both his home country of the Rising Sun and the swampy jungle of New Orleans.

02.05.17  Moshe Safdie: Habitat 67

To mark the anniversary of 50e housing complex, Home 67 directed by Moshe Safdie, the University of Quebec Design Center in Montreal (UQAM) pays tribute to this cult project and its architect.

28.04.17  Evan Fay: Lawless Chair

Noticed at the Milan Design Week for his Lawless Bench, the American designer Evan Fay Aratani Fay studio presents a new work based on the same creative processes: Lawless Chair. Between sweetness and brutality, Evan Fay book a chair based on the mix of styles and materials.

28.04.17  Frost & PAL Design Collective Studio: Nubo

In the land of kangaroos, a children's play area is created through the combination of two agencies: Frost Collective studio furniture and PAL Design agency for development. The result Nubo, a leisure center whose goal is to develop motor and intellectual abilities of children, within a framework adapted and thought to this.

28.04.17  AL_A: Maat Lisbon

It is in the old Lisbon, in the heart of the Belém district, the AL_A agency rehabilitates the Tejo Power Station - former power station and electricity Museum - in a unique exhibition venue: the Museum of art, architecture and technology (Maat).

27.04.17  CHYBIK + KRISTOF: Gallery of Furniture

The young Czech agency CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects associated with Urban Designers, designed the new showroom of furniture brand MY DVA in Brno (Czech Republic). This amazing building has the furniture inside and outside its walls with 900 black plastic chairs used siding.

27.04.17  Haobin Lin: LeGrow

Create an indoor garden both scalable and adaptable to small apartments or offices, that's the challenge that's launched the Chinese designer Haobin Lin.

27.04.17  Van Staeyen Interior: GERM

Transform an awkwardly arranged room into a paradise for children, this is the challenge that was launched Johan Van Staeyen, creator of Van Staeyen Interior GERM for his project. With a sense of originality, this designer has created the most suitable for small structure to make the most of the room in which they spend so much time.

26.04.17  Studio Penda: Hongkun Art Auditorium

After realizing the Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing Hongkun (China), Chinese studio Penda rehabilitates a neighboring building auditorium offers lectures, conferences, small exhibitions or meeting places.

25.04.17  Turull Sörensen Billy Mobile

In Barcelona, ​​the Catalan studio Turull Sorensen delivers new offices Billy Mobile, a startup specializing in mobile advertising. His goal, achieving local to the company's image: young, dynamic and playful.

24.04.17  Jiyoun Kim Studio: Dokkaebi Stool

Seoul City has launched the project Hangang Art Park. The four selected artists can then display their works in parks along the Han River, popular with Korean families. The theme this year: "SUIM" - translatable "rest" - interpreted by the Korean designer Jiyoun Kim a series of 24 Dokkaebi named stools.